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Smart Gadgets Stupid People

This slogan has become quiet viral in our society now. Everybody has acceptance to it but doesn’t want to make efforts for changing it. Everyone is sailing in the same boat of technology hub.

Daily efforts are being put to invent new smarter gadgets to bring luxury in life for time saving.

It is achieving its goal. Now where ever we go we are in contact with the world, through mobile networks, wifi, emails and social networking. With this progress the people away from are sight have become closer but the people living under the same roof have parted.

The dilemma we are facing is that families have lost their quality time amongst each other. Even if they are sitting in the same room mobile phones, iPod, I pad, Psp, and many more gadgets are keeping them busy. The people living in the house have lost respect for their elders. They think talking to them is like writing a status on face book or tweeting on twitter.

The trend of acquiring knowledge has diminished, and we are living on the information provided through different sources.

Now we use Google to gain information by opening different tabs. The written information that pleases our ears the most is copied and then pasted. If you ask them to explain what is written they will not have any knowledge regarding it.

The world is getting fulfilled by entertainment, like Hollywood Movies, TV games, and smart phones. Some people spend their time over and over again in entertaining themselves, so that they don’t have time to read books to think. The world is getting full by stupid people. The world will only be conquered by a few greedy people, who will avoid all the stupid stuff and fill themselves with knowledge. They will be known as Greedy but Brilliant.

With rapid progress what the new generation will look forward would be their gadgets replying them back when they are looking for it.

I remember my childhood playing games with friends and munching apples and black berries. But now I see my children playing games on Apple and Black berry gadgets.

To end ………. What has really been underestimated is not only the growth of smart phones, but also the number of lives it has changed. 

Smart gadgets have replaced TV, cameras, alarm clock, watches, calendars, notebooks, but let it not replace our family values and their love.

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