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KESC TO KE: A journey of 100 plus years

On Jan-20-2014, we had a cake cutting Ceremony in our IT department in an account of celebration of new brand Image with new name KE. Being an employee of this organization I was curious about to know the journey when it was found and I was surprised about this journey as it is very interesting, story begins on September 13, 1913. A private company was formed to serve the power needs of a small port town called Karachi.

1913-1946: The utmost zeal, fulfilling the power needs of growing city. From day one, KESC served its consumer with.

1947-1951: Now 1947 arrived As Pakistan becomes a reality, Karachi is facing a sudden surge in Population, followed by unplanned growth which also increased the power demand. KESC was the first company to be listed on Karachi Stock Exchange.

1952: KESC was nationalized by the Government of Pakistan.

1953-1980: To meet the growing industrial, commercial & residential demands, eight new generating plants were added with a total capacity of 513 MWs.

1981-2000: KESC’s flagship Qasim1, was added to the generation fleet. KESC was initially under WAPDA’s control.

1999: Pakistan Army took over the company’s management.

2005: KESC was privatized with the government retaining around 26% stake, while 71% was transferred to a foreign consortium.

Finally 2009 came and here begins the story..

The Abraaj Group led management took charge and the turnaround story began.

Over the next 3 years, an unprecedented investment of more than US$ 1 billion was injected in KESC to increase generation capacity, new transmission lines, grid stations, and rehabilitation of distribution infrastructure. The company renewed its focus on customer service through the introduction of IBCs.

Scheduling load shedding was introduced and industries were exempted from load shedding for the first time.

Regaining Karachi’s identity:

56% of the city was exempted from load shedding; substantial efforts were made to reduce electricity theft. Lowest ever power losses in 18 years were recorded in 2012-13.

KESC posted a profit for the first time in 17 Years in 2011-12.

KESC’s seed:

ESG value creation philosophy is a holistic approach that fully recognizes the impact of our performance in sustainable development across our stakeholder’s universe, and today it serves thousands of underprivileged lives in the health and education sectors. KESC won numerous awards in CSR, Safety and Environment excellence. KESC completed its centennial in 2013.

KESC is now KE, with a refreshing new visual indentity.With landmark lessons and achievements from a century old experience, today KE stands as an example for the nation’s power sector.

As KE we PROMISE to continue to strive for the benefit of the people we serve the environment we operate in.

AT KE, we believe that a public service entity serves beyond providing a mere utility; it delivers ENERGY THAT MOVES LIFE.

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