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Marilyn Monroe and beyond…

Words can hardly do justice to her charismatic personality and exquisite looks. She is the only woman who had established herself as an emerging star and feminist icon with her commendable acting talent and eloquent speech in the late 1950s. The legend, Marilyn Monroe was one of the very few influential people who supported women’s rights and gave young women an incentive to stand up against all the negative stereotypes about women. Not only did she modify the definition of a true ‘woman’ but took it to a whole new different level. With her renowned quotes and memorable films, Monroe became the only actress to achieve instant fame within a few years. She simultaneously won various accolades for her performances in different movie projects. Even today, she is considered to be one of the best actresses of all time.

Having followed her for years, I find it very hard to believe that Monroe committed suicide as a result of her thriving depression which she battled for most of her life. Handling stardom and tackling personal life can be extremely challenging for any individual. Those who fall victim to depression and disorders while at the peak of their careers can not necessarily resist societal and media pressure. Though the scandalous Marilyn Monroe battled her inner demons, her secret life remained an enigma. On 5th August, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead at her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California when she overdosed on barbiturates. While spectators and media call it a “probable suicide”, I believe that there is another angle to look at before reaching an ultimate conclusion. Many of us are aware of the fact that Marilyn Monroe was infamous for being in indecent relationships with many actors and quite a few politicians. Looking at her suicide or, as I call it, a devious “murder plot”, the actress, 36, had intimate relationships with John and Robert F. Kennedy, two prominent politicians of that time. The previous revelation of her being in such political relationships with the Kennedy’s, I find it hard to believe that Monroe committed suicide as a result of her prevailing depression. However, many sources state that Marilyn did commit suicide and her death had nothing to do with her so called “lovers.”

Nobody can abscond from the fact that Marilyn Monroe’s relationships with John and Robert F. Kennedy were any deceitful stunts for her career. She had already accomplished everything during that period of time. Monroe fought depression for most of her life and I find it quite difficult to comprehend the outcome of her sudden death when she had fought depression for many years. Hypothetically, the death of Marilyn Monroe could have been projected to be a suicide.

The plot could have been cleverly devised by anyone who wanted her dead for some harmful reason. Marilyn Monroe might have known something vital which could have jeopardized someone’s life or career. It all comes down to the viewpoint. I perceive Monroe’s death as a mystery that remains unsolved till now. Her death has unsettled millions of fans and some intellectuals. The murder of Marilyn Monroe could have been a “sweet escape.” When I thoroughly researched over Monroe’s personal life with whatever material I had, I came across the Kennedy’s linkage to her life and figured out that something was just not right. I believe that her death was a political stunt. It is all about fixing the puzzle with whatever material one has and coming up with the most probable scenario because in the media, any news can turn into a fabricated piece of irrelevance.

Today, Marilyn Monroe’s death remains a frightful riddle in most societies. She was indeed a legend who made her own empire which still attracts millions of people from all around the globe. She is ranked as the sixth-greatest female star of all time by AFI (American Film Institute) and is regarded as a major sex symbol, even today. Marilyn Monroe had established herself as a pop and cultural icon. Her trademarks are still considered to be inspirational to many teens and young women. Iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe are hard to figure out by their screen presence alone.  One realizes their impact only after their death.  How precious they were dawn on us after they are long gone. Marilyn Monroe was certainly one of them.

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