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Watch Out….. Beauty Can Trap You!

“It is so beautiful, I love it!” It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen”, “Beauty is my weakness; It makes me crazy”. These statements are not new to us. People can be seen admiring certain things, which in their opinion are beautiful. Beauty has been the burning question, perhaps, ever since this world came into existence. The most important thing that is discussed in poetry is the beauty whether it is possessed by lakes, falls, flowers, women, gifts, or any other things; people have had it on their brains.

The question is what makes people praise things? What convinces them to call certain things beautiful? To answer these questions, we’d better have a look at its meanings.

“Beauty” means combination of attractive qualities; something that catches attention; or the aspect that draws someone to it. These meanings indicate that beauty is a power or a quality that attracts people to it; it impresses people; it spell binds them. But, despite all the appreciation that people are usually making to beautiful things or persons, are the beautiful they useful too? Can these beautiful things benefit people in any way?

The characteristic of beauty reveals that the things which are deemed as beautiful, cannot do anything except drawing one`s attention to themselves. Because the only ability that beautiful things have is to stimulate people to like them; to appreciate them, but not to do anything else. For example, just think about a preset. A person receiving a gift from his beloved can claim that it is the most beautiful gift he had ever received. As a consequence, he will start having more love and respect for the person whom he has received that gift from. The question is, if it was only beauty of the gift that made him have more respect and love, and then more beautiful gifts lying in gift shop should also motivate the buyers to have the similar feelings for the shop keeper. But, does it happen? Can it happen?

The similar case is with flowers. When you receive a beautiful flower, especially a rose from someone, you will begin having soft emotions for that person. But, if it is assumed that it was just beauty of the rose that caused those soft sentiments, then all the people visiting a garden, which is full of beautiful and fragrant flowers should have the same feelings for the gardener too. But, does it happen? Do people do react in this way? No, it does not take place. As it is not the beauty of the rose or flowers which make people have positive emotions for someone, rather these are the feelings or respect with which a present is given.

Suppose further that you have got a DVD player and, in your opinion, it is very beautiful. If I say, what else can it do for you except fascinating you, what will you argue? You will certainly say that you can watch movies and listen to music through this. But logically, you would be wrong as using a DVD player for watching movies and listening to songs is not the aspect of beauty at all. Rather, it is the different function of the player that was completely ignored while declaring it beautiful. No one calls a machine beautiful because of performing its useful functions.   

This is not only the case of things, but also with the human beings including especially women. Women are considered as one of the most beautiful things of the world. It is assumed that this is their beauty due to which people like them; want to have them. As a result, the most important factor that is considered while proposing a woman for marriage is her beauty. Although in contrast to the other things, women are the personalities who assist men for the longest period of time. Unfortunately, by giving importance to beauty, we ignore all the other essential aspects and duties that women can perform as a life partner. Then they opted only a show piece nothing than that because, according to its meaning, beauty can call your attention to itself. Then, what else can a woman do except fascinating you? Perhaps, this is the reason why so many people look to be disappointed with their decision after marriage.

Therefore, all of us need to be very careful regarding the beauty. There is no harm in praising beautiful things or persons. But, we must not get trapped by it, rather should try to opt the things according to the functions they naturally perform for us. Otherwise, our resulting decisions may put us in serious problems. 

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