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Seva Kar Bandian De te Rab Razi Howe Ga

Nations who look after rights of their people; God has blessed them, they are prosperous. As once Iqbal complained to Allah “Rehmatein hein teri aghyaar k kashaanon per Barq girti hai to becharay musalmaanon Per”.  Allah can forgive his rights whenever he would like to do it by accepting your repent. Rights of human beings are not forgivable unless they forgive themselves. “I (Omar) would be accountable to God, if even a dog dies hungry on the bank of Dajla River!!” The nations where governments used to dissolve in minutes after incidents like Mastoong Quetta, Banu, RA Bazar Rawalpindi are blessed and prosperous.

God has provided two beautiful universal conduct of life for human beings by acting upon they can make this world heaven and bring peace and happiness in their lives. The utmost important is haqooq ul ibad (rights of mankind) which covers rights of parents, neighbors, relatives, orphans, wayfarers, widows, slaves, husband and wife e.t.c which helps to establish a society based on love and compassion.

I’d also like to remind you  the incident of old lady who regularly used to through garbage on our prophet Muhammad PBUH but he never ever said any bad word  to  her as a result she professed Islam as you are well aware. In modern world to measure haqooq ul Ibad the method used is called human development index (HDI) used by United Nations (UN). Proudly you can say this index was developed by Pakistani scientist Dr Mahboob ul Haq. Unfortunately the nation (Pakistan) who developed it is on 146th number.

It is clear from this index there is no Muslim country in top 15. This index tells us how humans are being treated in any society. Countries where these factors prevails education level, no discrimination, tolerance, equity, justice and truthfulness are highly developed. These are nations where leaders don’t travel with protocols and in bullet proof cars, where leaders have love and compassion and remain sleepless for betterment and contentment of their people, scared to be accountable in front of God and public. They produce themselves for accountability whenever blamed with nepotism or jobbery.

In spite of having these factor we can proud to be Pakistani where the people like Abdul Sattar Edhi lives. In any causality like earthquake, flood, bomb blast, terrorism or any other incident without any differentiation people of this organization reach to help them. Ansar Burney is another name. Two years before I went for Umrah I was so amazed by knowing during days of ramadan one Pakistani businessman from Faislabad every year used to arrange food and disburse bounces for people work in Haram shareef. These are few; there are many invisible hands in Pakistan who are helping the humanity and due to them Pakistan is saved so far. Pakistan is considered among world top charitable nations.

Pakistan has all the basic ingredients required to become a prosperous nation in few years. However to utilize our strengths in right direction and to take out the nation from this quagmire it’s the time of the need to have a visionary, sincere and patriotic leadership who believes to serve humanity without any discrimination and work to put their efforts to  make it haven for the future generations of Pakistan .The place where everybody can live with  ease and contentment belonging from any religion , caste or creed by following the motto “SEVA KAR BANDIAN DE TE RAB RAZI HUWE GA PAL WICH JAWEIN GA TU TAR SONIA ALLAH ALLAH KAR SONIYA”.

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