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Why such a mess?

‘Explosion kills twenty in Bannu’

‘Blast near GHQ kills thirteen’

’Twenty-two pilgrims die in bus blast in Mastung’

‘Three killed in attack on polio team in Karachi’

 ‘Five security men martyred and five other injured fighting with terrorists’

‘Kid dies in firing near Shireen Jinnah Colony’

‘Target killing claims five more lives in Karachi’

’Nineteen dead bodies found in Tirah valley’

‘Polio security team attacked in Charsadda- seven dead’

And all of this makes me wonder… IS ANYONE SAFE?

The security forces? Police? Rangers? Polio workers? Students? Teachers? Doctors? Businessmen? Political leaders? Political workers? You? Me? ANYONE?? Those who make the law? Those who enforce the law? Those who break the law? Those who follow it? Those who support talks with the Taliban? Those who think military operation is a better option? Those who are against the drone strikes? Those who think there should be more? The healthy? The sick? The rich? The poor? Who is to say he will return home safely when he leaves? WHO IS TO SAY HE IS SAFE? You may support any political party. You may believe in an ideology but there is one thing that affects us all… and that is terrorism.

Then why so much confusion on what should be our stance? It is a matter of national consensus. It is the matter of lives of the innocent Pakistanis. It is a matter that demands attention. It is a matter that demands action. It is a matter that demands more than just condemnations.

For those groups who want war—it is not physically possible to force them to have talks. And for those who want peace talks—it would seem stupid to declare war with them! IS THAT REALLY SO HARD TO FIGURE OUT? IS THAT REALLY SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND? Then what is the confusion all about.

 Dear Political leaders (those who are in the government right now)—you may be the one confused…. WE ARE NOT! Chaudhary Aslam wasn’t confused. Aitazaz Hassan wasn’t confused. The Pakistanis are NOT confused! Mainly because, there is more we see than the next five years. We see this so called “confusion” threatening the existence of the state. We see the future of our generations—DOOMED! But sadly, you see money when we see bloodshed. You see power when we see uncertainty. You see comfort when we see death. And that is because, when our soldiers are sacrificing their lives to protect us, you are busy looting the country. When our children are being martyred fighting terrorists, you are enjoying the comforts of your centrally air-conditioned palaces. When our polio workers are being ruthlessly killed, you are selling the sovereignty of the state and its people for your personal benefits.

 Allah is mulk ki hifazat farmaye (AMEEN)!

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