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MUSHARRAF … The Visionary of All

A visionary leader is the one who is proactive, who can see the happenings on other side of the wall which common man can’t, who may predict outcomes in future which bunch of analysts can’t and who can make his arms ready well before the opposition’s plunge. He is the one who aims to deliver something which his counterparts fear to take on. He is unique to the extent that sends a class of unapprised, short sighted captains in immense confusion who then further bestow this confusion to public, media and uninformed youth. People continue to criticize his policies, his acts, his steps yet the leader continues with his stance because he is a leader, he is visionary. Breaking this suspense packed paragraph in to climax, he is Musharraf, he is the visionary of all, who told us that this war was for our people, for our integrity and for our Atomic Bomb which these journalists, these politicians and civil society is demanding to continue at the moment.

Nearly a decade ago, Sir Musharraf, a middle height man but with a highest of brains informed his public that these bunch of kharjis want to have their Islam imposed on us, these paid militants want to turn vibrancy of Lahore’s culture into streets of Kabul, he emphasized on preventing lights of Karachi from being converted into darkening dens, he could well judge that these blood loving vampires won’t let girls to reach schools but to danda bardar (stick holder) institutions. It was he, who could smell that these B teams of proxy war players won’t let us overcome polio and the only left way to deal with them is war, which is the first or the last resort. But thanks to the visionless leaders & the journalists who confused this nation for more than a decade in things like reaction theory, conspiracy theory, falana theory, drone theory etc. But as they say time is the best decider, time has proved that Musharraf’s vision was right, his legacy has to be continued, either  willingly or un willingly because talks can’t be fruitful without compromises and we all know that Talibans are not there to compromise but to kill.

Coming back to Musharraf’s vision, over the last few months people have written a lot about economic reforms and technological boom in his era and no wonder, it was his vision behind all this, which with the events like Marathon proved it upon the world that Pakistan is an equally safe place for sports while On the other hand, in the era of negotiation lovers, the world witnessed Sri Lankan team being attacked. It was his vision who disowned these terrorists right from his arrival in political arena so that the world should realize that these terrorists don’t represent Pakistan, they don’t reflect our Army’s course and that our Nuclear Bomb is totally in safe and peace oriented hands, whereas Captain khan is still owning them to date while forgetting that even father disowns his son if he makes crime in neighborhood, so that rest of the family is saved. And here,it’s not the matter of a single family as it’s the matter of state, its authority, its people, its culture, and its children fighting with polio and thus there is every moral, ethical and religious reason to disown these terrorists. Also Iran’s U-turn has broughtan end to arguments that made people to justify state’s rigidness against America, even at its own cost.

Finally, as a response to this articleI can assume some common replies questioning his vision as “Musharraf is reason for this war, this wasn’t our war blan, blan,.. Well, to all those, along with requesting  to be neutral and to read the article twice, I would reply that had Musharraf not started this war then Lahore would have been equally under their control as was Swat in early 2000s? And, before Beacon house School System could‘ve turned into arsenal of weapons, Musharraf intended to nip the evil in the bud. And now the journalists, the police, the armed forces, majority of civil society and those singing negotiation song for so long are demanding the same what was initiated by Musharraf, which simply depicts that Musharraf is far more visionary, prophetic & far sighted than over rated leaders and surely stands in the same space as earlier Bhuttos, as his legacy, his approach, his vision is the last resort to save this country. 

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