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Confused Nation

We are the most confused nation on the planet; every day new conspiracy theories take place, the entire community is still between deep sea and devil regarding the dialogues with Taliban.

When a young and brave girl from Swat stands against militants, the confused nation contributes their sympathies with Taliban and blamed the innocent Malala as agent of CIA and America, but when the extremists attack on worship places and accepts the responsibility for the attacks,  the people failed even what to think and whom to blame?

The whole confusion of the nation is due to the weak and incompetent policies of the government, when PM Nawaz Sharif went to a Hospital in Rawalpindi to ask the injured people of the blast, during his visit one the patient asked him that why don’t you people end the game? Why don’t you crash the Taliban? Are you helpless before them? These are the questions of an injured man in the hospital.

Why Pakistani government is so helpless before Taliban? Why don’t they take this issue serious? I think the government should either hand over everything to Taliban or uproot these militants.

I witnessed the incident when Taliban occupied Malakand Division in 2008 facing less resistance from the government.  I was going back to home from Karachi so I happened to pass by a number of Taliban’s check posts where they were asking the people if anyone belongs to government institute, it seemed that all the government employees escaped out of Swat.

In 2009 Taliban and ANP government signed a treaty but soon Taliban got over to the agreement and extended the network towards Buner and Chitral.

After failing each and every dialogues the KP government requested for a clean and clear operation against Taliban in Malakand division. Soon after that a serious operation Rahi Nijat took place and cleared the area of Taliban and extremists. The people of Swat and Malakand supported and appreciated Pakistan army during the operation, This was the time I was fully convinced that Pakistan Army can face any challenge courageously.

In future we may face more problems because of terrorism if we don't take these issues serious today. Every blast creates too many conspiracy theories in our minds as we are not clear in our stance and thoughts.

A common man has developed this mentality that if a blast kills security forces its Talban who killed them, if a blast kills people in mosque of Tablighi Markaz its America who is behind this attack. Not just this but sometimes people also blame Army, Taliban and America for doing the same by killing the innocent citizens of Pakistan for their minor benefits.

These are the few reasons I believe that the nation is too much confused after Pakistan became a part of the war against terrorism. The nation needs clear vision of what's happening in the country as the Taliban are very clear what they do, like they do attacks and also accepts the responsibility.

It's the high time for governemnt to take up this issue seriously and save the country. Pakistan army is the sole hope for a common Pakistani to save their lives. I believe operation against these militants remains the only option which can save innocent lives.

In short,  Pakistan army is our only hope with a clear and transparent vision.

Pakistan Zindabad

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