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Hang Musharraf… but hang on!

A country embroiled in myriad of problems ranging from widespread terrorism to worsening gas and electricity crisis amid strong political divide simply cannot afford to squander its efforts on issues of less public importance. But to our ruling elite, hanging ex-president and former dictator Pervez Musharraf is a proud task to accomplish than anything else.

Since coming to power after May 11, 2013 general elections, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government has demonstrated a pragmatic approach only in the case of Musharraf while dealing with other sensitive public issues mere on rhetorical grounds. When it comes to coping up with issues like terrorism, energy crisis, corruption, governance issues and derailing economy,  the government has nothing much to brag about. Obviously it’s not a game of days or months to overhaul faltering institutions; it may take at least couple of years or so, provided there is intent, but unfortunately it’s not somewhere in sight.

Contrary to rumours and conspiracy theories that the treason trial is a delaying tactic to protect the former president from gallows, the smear campaign against the former chief of Army Staff is still relentless which should be discouraged. It’s not about being pro-Musharraf or be in opposition to him, rather it’s all about being a rational observer.

Isn’t that better the incumbent democratic government should first, or at least start, steer the country out of worsening security crisis, then go after the ex military man who has returned to the country risking his life? Doing so will earn government a huge public sympathy and support.

The irony is that people are not ready to accept Musharraf’s act of ‘abrogating’ constitution as a major sin, mainly due to ‘peace and progress’ witnessed during his tenure as the president, which, in the prevailing circumstances, seems to be a distant dream. Restoring peace, stability and normal living conditions in the country as existed in the early and mid 2000s can rationalize government’s move against Mushrarraf, otherwise it may turn out to be counter-productive.

On the other side, whenever the PPP leaders are asked to recount measures they took for the welfare of people, the passage of 18th Constitutional amendment tops their answer. Yes, it was an amendment that ensured to strengthen democratic process and preventing military from influencing political matters, but what it offered to common people on realistic grounds? Anything substantial that people could proudly utter…? Not to my knowledge, at least.

Despite peaceful “democratic” transition of the government and non-intervention of the Army in democratic affairs, it’ inexplicable that why the incumbent government led by PML-N is acting as an avenger and more focused on non-issues rather than coping up with real problems. 

Dear prime minister, Hang Musharraf, if he is guilty but not at the cost of democracy. 

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