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A call for role-reversal, please

 Time is to buckle-up and get going with our daily routines, mundane tasks and fulfillment of stereotypical roles, less humane in nature and more socially conditioned guarded by social constraints and awarded by the same. However, by the time you choose what to wear and what to eat as a starter meal for the day, let’s keep charging our brains here, simultaneously, feeding in the brain cells with enlightenment spread around. My wonder-struck mates, out beyond the fields of our set worldly goals dwells their guarded pursuit, compromising the significant for the necessary, unbeknownst of what it may cost all of us in the long run. You want to make sense of this Rubik’s cube called Life, ‘shift the patterns’, if you may.

Taking the course from the micro to the macro, here’s an individual striving to do his best in making sense of the life and its never-ending, illogical and self-constructed mood swings. He belongs to a family unit of 5, 2 parents and 2 siblings, the former are too old to cater a living while the latter too unconcerned to share the load. He has to keep his guts and wits intact, all the time, considering the growing uncertainty and endless competition around. Well, when it rains, it pours. His friends (yes, the self-centered, easily bored and indifferent souls we gather around us to make sense of the already complicated Rubik in hand) tell him what he actually lacks is a young-opposite-gender-same-creed being to lessen the worries around. He goes for it and the Rubik gets complicated even more. Drat! Now what?

His parents do the nag-part all day long, his siblings fueling the flame with their jibber jabber, his friends showing the tinted versions of their own lives and further blurring his vision, his girl friend, too emotionally blind is of no aid either. There, at that very moment, in the midst of all this nonsensical upheaval inside out, he leaves everything and everyone. He is walking on the road now, clueless of what, where and why. To add more drama spice, he could have been hit by a car and died. No, not exactly. He goes to the nearby slums and the Rubik starts shifting its patterns on its own.

He sees what he had long forgotten ever existed anymore. He sees care, affection, concern and harmony. Yes, he sees harmony. Everyone seemed to have signed some pact to stay by each others’ side despite the growing incertitude around. There he finds the missing link. He sees a family unit of his own sort. Do you know how they were making sense of the Rubik? They were shifting patterns, their roles, smoothly and effortlessly, keeping the harmony unharmed. That is, if any one member of the family was found cluttered in mind, behaving in a certain manner, the rest would automatically shift their perceptions, putting off the lens of judgment and showing concern for whatever that member was growing through and the life went on like that. Why not? Were they wasting time which they could have spent on some other leisure, materialistic endeavor? Balderdash! They were just making sense of the life in the best possible manner. This is why we are born in a family unit, with a thinking brain and a feeling heart. The growing confusion is owing to our struggle of living alone, fighting for individual identity and worth, losing tolerance, respect or concern for that matter. The debate can go on but what’s required as a quick fix is, we all got to think. Let the idea sink in and the Rubik would make so much better sense then. 

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