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2014 Ke Neeru, 2014 ki Bansuri

 Comparison of Rome’s only Neeru and Pakistan’s team of Neerus

A work of fiction based on our ground realities…Invitation to choose your path…Neeru OR Shaheen”

You have to make your choice…NOW OR NEVER!

This is night of 13th August, 2047 exactly after 100 years of Independence, Pakistan is remarked as one of the Greatest Nations of the world. Everywhere we see respect for Pakistan and Pakistanis. Most sophisticated researches going on everywhere and steps towards innovation and creativity seem to be a norm. Worthy to mention background, Pakistan survived its worst days during early 21st century and was rescued ultimately when Pakistanis woke up after paying heavy losses of thousands of precious lives.

Shahbaz of early 21st century is old now and usually invited by Pakistan’s prestigious institutions to give lectures based on his experiences. This day on verge of 14th August, he is being invited to Pakistan’s most advanced University to express his feelings.

One student doing research on “How to avoid collective failure in life of Nations” asks him this question:

“Shahbaz Sahib, 2013-14 ke Pakistan main anarchy aur disintegration ki kya Wajoohaat thee’n???”

Shahbaz takes a big sigh, gives few moments of silence with a mixed smile of esteem and grievance and starts telling the young Generation:

“My dear children, you must have heard about the Old Rome that” Jab Rome jal raha tha tou Neru Bansuri (Flute) baja raha tha”. You must know this is quoted whenever somebody ignores his responsibility and layback like a stranger when his assets are burning/annihilating. In my era of 2014, NEERU’s (of Rome) record was broken (with huge margin) as at that time Pakistan has not only one NEERU but was overflowing with such NEERUS who were orchestrating something else while their country needed them to save her… Ahhhh…Mere bacho, picking up out some classical examples out of dozens of NEERUS; I will tell you about major culprits of this nation. Listen and learn for taking IBRAT. Never ever follow their footsteps…”

Neeru with Bansuri of an Ex. General

Dear sons and daughters: “When the country was heading towards a full fledge anarchy and was invaded from all corners by its enemies; this man still did not leaned from his past mistakes. This Guy kept on victimizing his rivals. He raised the issue of an Ex. General and Article-6 during the time when this matter had nothing to with the state of affairs. He wasted the time of whole nation while the weak courts/justice system was prolonging this issue which perfectly complemented this mess. While the armed forces of Pakistan were fighting and sacrificing in each and every corner of country, this man by raising General’s issue stabbed the nation. This case not only ignited the situation but also defamed our beloved armed forces.”

“India was attacking from each and every corner and this Goofy was so stupid and kept saying: “ham sab tu aik jaise hee hain, aik jaise khane khate hai; bas aik line hee tu hai naqshe pe jo aa gayee hai” clear violation of Two Nation theory. This man has no self dignity and neither cared about self respect of Pakistanis.”

NEERU with Bansuri of Fair Elections, Polls and Change

Dear Children: “While the country was burning, this CHANGE GUY was fluting his Bansuri and trying to revive DEMOCRATIC VALUES in Pakistan. This man did not realized what sort of WAR was Pakistan facing and always kept on saying “Hakumat apne logon ko kyun maar rahee hai” this man did not realized that those who kills innocent persons in shopping Bazars and kills Namazis in Mosques can not be “Hamare OR Apne log” He kept on calling this proxy armies of enemies as Pakistanis. He kept on weeping about rigging in elections and bringing change through ballot boxes. He wanted to become PM at any cost. Lack of proper approach even faded his patriotic personality and his work for Pakistan. He did not read the trick at time of anarchy and become a main character in increasing the Mess.”

Neeru with Bansuri of New Provinces…Hate, Divide and Further Divide

Dear Shaheens: “There were few great characters who tried to further divide the country into more and more provinces. They kept on bushing about constitutional amendments and promises of federal government for making new provinces. These NEERUS were responsible in dividing the nation and became biggest of barriers in National Unity. They were even involved in treacherous and horrendous activities and many of their followers could not recognize their real faces. Under their presence, Pakistan did not need any external army to invade them.”

Neeru with Bansuri of ‘Jamhooriyat ka Husn’!

Dear children: “Then there were characters that always fluted the nation with fake promises and evil lies. They were ruthlessly looting the national wealth without any care for poor people. They kept on singing songs of Jamhooriyat. Mard-e-Jamhooriyat, Khatoon-e-Jamhooriyat, Phupha-e-Jamhoorit and Mammlikat-e-Jamhooriyat aur pata nahee kon kon si Jamhooriyat…In their era Jamhooriyat ne Pakistanio se aisa inteqaam liya ke bechare awaam Jamhooriyat ke name se darne lagay… Short sighted and mean, cannot tell you beyond that!

Key Question

One student raised up “Shahbaz Shaib, what was media doing at that time, they must have resisted all these NEERUS you told us about”?

Hahahahahahahahahahaha Shahbaz was wildly laughing. He suddenly stopped and looked the Hall with such an elegant gaze that “It was Pin drop silence in the hall; poor students could not bear his presence and DABDABA”

“So let me tell you about the most venomous NEERU; it was none other than media.” Old Shahbaz roared like a Lion.”

Students started looking at each other unbelievingly. “Media aur NEERU, ye kaise ho sakta hai???” Everybody was whispering.

Neeru with Bansuri of Disinformation

Shahbaz continued:

“Tipu Sultan of Mysore was a brave character in history and was eliminated mainly by involvement of his own people. High dignitaries of the Mysore Government, including Dewan Purnia, Prime Minister Mir Sadiq, and Mir Ghulam Ali, were in secret league with the British. The final assault on the city was fixed for May 4th, 1799. On that day, according to the plan, Mir Sadiq started distributing salaries to the army. The soldiers left their posts and hurried to receive their pays. At that moment, the British troops in conjunction with the treacherous elements in the fort, crossed the Kaveri, stormed the opening guarded by Syed Abdul Ghaffar together with his few gallant soldiers, and entered the fort. Brave Tipu embraced Shahadat due to treachery of shortsighted people.” (Reference 01 at the end)

“It’s very easy to understand the role of majority of Pakistan media by listening to what I told you about traitors in Mysore. While ship of Pakistan was drowning down and down, they were attacking Pak army and every now and then demanded the trial and accountability of Pak army leadership. They raised questions about Pak army’s budget. They did not see the time, Mir Sadiq distributed salaries on the day and Pakistan media was defaming and screwing Pak army while the army and nation needed their support the most.”

“Many of them were alleged and convicted for getting foreign funding to act against Pakistan’s national interests”

“Big chunk of media did not tell the nation about our real heroes and kept on flourishing Indian culture among masses. People forgot speaking and writing Urdu and used to speak in Hindi-Urdu-English mix, Complete Mess…..following footsteps of media, Pakistan nation was flooded with all sorts of forign festivals and they almost forgot their own identity…”

The clock ticked up BANG BANG, It was 14th August,2047; Pakistan reached its 100 years and everybody stood up to Pay regard to their beloved motherland. Pak Sarzameen Shad bad… Shahbaz was murmuring National anthem with tears in his eyes. “Shukar khudaya tu ne mujhe ye din dekhaya, mere mulk ko NEERU se nijaat dilai, ab main sakoon se mar sakta hoon” Shahbaz was connecting with his beloved Allah (S.W.T)

Shahbaz finally wakes up

 “Shahbaz beta uth jao, u are getting late from work”. Shahbaz suddenly wakes up while his mother calling him. Shahbaz could not believe this and it was a fine morning of January 2014. “Shahbaz beta, I have read outline of your article; you have written an excellent article but who are these NEERUS???”

“Kuch Nadaan Dost aur Kuch Dana Dushman” Shahbaz replied, he was dead serious at that time.

Mom left the room very content thinking how sensitive her son was; always caring for his country and people.

“Wait mother” Shahbaz called his mother…

“Kia hua beta” Mother asked

“Mai Neeru nahee… Iqbal ka shaheen banna chahta hoon Ammi jaan” Shahbaz said looking down!

“You know what…you ARE Shaheen of Iqbal; only you do not know your real Potential. Now stood up, go outside and never let Pak Sarzameen and Sabz Hilali Parcham down mera beta” … Shabash meri jaan! Go, Pakistan need you!”

While each and every Shabaz within us read these lines with tears, our motherland lying on stretcher bed must be showing some signs of improvement thinking “My Shaheen’s are not dead, they feel for me ,they think for me and I will be an active and vibrant Pakistan soon ; a symbol of pride for generations to come”…

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