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Have We Mentally Surrendered To Taliban?

Although the targeting killing of Mufti Usman Yar had already grieved the people, but the attack at the Express News van created the dense cloud of fear in the city. According to the media reports, the armed gunmen riding on motorcycles shot dead Express News technician, security guard and a driver after ambushing a stationary DSNG van in Karachi. The TTP claimed responsibility for the attack.

To hear this sad news, government officials, political and religious leaders condemned the deadly attack and expressed solidarity with the media group. The journalists’ community not only condemned the incident, but also held protests against it. However, the way TTP`s Ehsan Ullah Ehsan threatened the Pakistan media on air and the way anchorperson Javed Chaudhry begged him not to hurt the Express News staff, was very astonishing. In return, anchorperson also assured TTP to give necessary coverage to it. 

Whatever people witnessed live on Express News between Ehsan Ullah Ehsan and Javed Chaudhry was shocking. More surprisingly, all the people condemned the attack and murders of the media-men, but they did not speak about the live “under-compulsion peace deal” with TTP as a result of the deadly attack. The question is, is forcing the media to give coverage to a banned outfit acceptable by law? Similarly, should an anchorperson have begged a terrorist organization for security to his colleagues? Was that not an open surrender of a news channel to the anti-Pakistan elements?

None of the government officials, politicians or journalists` organizations spoke a single a word on an on-air deal with TTP. Though previously, media organizations and political parties have been expressing their concerns over the alleged attempt of pressuring the media especially in Karachi, but all of them remained quiet on the live surrender of a news channel to a banned group after the terrorist attacks. Furthermore, no FIR has yet been registered against TTP`s Ehsan Ullah Ehsan on such a severe crime. The question is why has the media been so easily ready to lose its freedom which it regained after 60 years? Now, will we see the breaking news pieces about Taliban terrorist activities from the media about who was targeted and why; how many got killed and who would be the Taliban`s next target?  

In fact, it was the responsibility of the government to interfere and prove the state writ. But, how strange it looked when the Federal Interior Minister Ch. Nisar gave his reaction saying, “Pakistan is in a state of war and our enemy is out of sight”. Considering the on-record and even live owning terrorist attacks by TTP, who would believe that our enemy is unseen? When the government itself is in a state of denial, how can it be expected to take the required steps for eradicating the worsening form of terrorism?

The latest TTP`s attack was in Bannu in which Taliban targeted the security forces in which more than 24 security personnel were martyred and 60 injured. The convoy of security force was attacked with a remote control blast in the cantonment area. The TTP claimed the responsibility and announced to continue its attacks in future as well. Shahid Ullah Shahid defended the evil act, just like the right wing parties, saying that these are the retaliation or revenge for the killings of TTP`s men. The question, isn`t there anyone in Pakistan who can take revenge from Taliban of more than 50,000 Pakistanis killed by them? It seems as if our government and the relevant authorities have mentally surrendered to Taliban that is why they are not retaliating despite the fact that Taliban have practically come into the position to easily target even in our cities whomever and whenever they want.    

There was the time when we used to discuss the status of non-Muslims including Hindus, Christians and Qadiyanis in Pakistan. But, now the unfortunate time has come that we are compelled to seriously worry about our own future just because of daring to disagree to Taliban`s philosophy. Was this the day for which Pakistan made? Was this the vision of the Quaid-e-Azam? To tell the truth, we have just about had enough. Now, we will have to make a clear decision as soon as possible whether we should surrender to Taliban like the private news channel or resist like Ch. Aslam and Aitezaz martyrs. Otherwise, the rapidly developing scenario seems to be bringing worse time not only for us, but also for our new generations.

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