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True face of Aamir Liaquat

Today early in the morning when I logged in my facebook account I saw the Video of Aamir Liaquat uploaded by ARY News, It just shocked me once again despite being seen this nonsense before as well.

Although he lacks care and respect for elders the other devastating traits is his pride and ego which i observed on many occasions and also as shown in his video where he is abusing other scholar and discussing Ghalib an Indian film with abusive langauge.

As Aamir Liaquat is also facing the issue regarding his fake PhD Degree since past years, and now People have developed a different thinking about him, but in my opinion Aamir Liaquat Hussain is not a religious scholar and doctor but he is an actor who strives to seek people's attention through controversies his interview to Geo Tezz is another topic which speaks voulme about the character of this so-called religious scholor.

As a host Aamir Liaquat had his first program on Geo TV but later he moved himself to religious and literary activities not because he is completely devoted to Islam but probably for handsome packages. He worked more than eight years in GEO TV Networks but a point came where he had to leave the organization due to his change of interest.

Leaving such a long association is indeed a painful step but he argued in such a manner which is a shocking statement for the viewers, “There are such times in your life when you have to take certain tough decision leading to heart break as the codes and principles are far more important than any materialistic thing in the world, and this is what happened, either I had to follow my codes and principles or to quit the organization or I had to compromise them and remain in the organization. But I chose the former, though it was not an easy task as some people believe GEO has given me name and fame and this is what I always regard but this time I give preference to my morality and rules which I have drawn keeping in mind what my Allah and my religion says."

But here I want to ask him, “Where are the codes and conducts you have lost now Mr Aamir Liaquat that you rejoined Geo TV”?

When for the first time he resigned from Geo TV In 2010, he joined ARY Network holding two higher posts as Managing director of QTV, the first and most popular Islamic channel of Pakistan and as an Executive Director of ARY Digital.

He started his new program "Aalim Aur Aalam" on ARY Network. This program focuses on religious and social issues at a same time. Then he also participated in Ramadan special transmissions for Sahoor and Iftar, just like he had on Geo TV.

In 2011, however, the program took an entirely new format and was titled Rahman Ramadan.

On June 21, 2012 Aamir Liaquat announced that he is leaving for Geo Network once again, this showed that how much devoted person he is.

One thing I know better about ARY Digital Network is that the network has great love for Islam and Muslims because their programs are always in such a manner that teaches and highlights the values of an individual in a religion. I hope ARY do not hire such people who are not loyal and dare to dishonor the religion. 

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