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Taliban the real traitors or terrorists

Ehsaanullah Ahsan’s statement live on Express News program claiming the responsibility of the attack on their staff in Karachi; claiming that media has brought it upon itself and further elaborating that it’s because that they feel that there is no Shariah Law imposed in Pakistan reason why the media is being attacked. It has become clear that the call which was placed from Afghanistan (as claimed by the recipient i.e. Javed Chaudhary) and a blatant acceptance of the attack by Tehreek e Taliban e Pakistan or TTP conveniently in Karachi shows one thing that it’s time now that we all put our act together and agree to take concrete actions against Taliban.

Broadcasting a live call from the spokesperson of TTP whilst brings transparency to the issue but at the same time would definitely create a fear amongst the common Pakistani listening that whilst the call is placed live . How daringly the TTP threatens another pillar of our country? And the incapability of our state authorities to tackle them. Historically this has been the style of the Kharjiites mentality or Hassasins in the Islamic Historical past between 900 A.D. till 1200 A.D.; to deliver their attacks in the public to deliver the message of fear. This attack and the follow-up live statement have actually in my eyes achieved this for them. I am sure Taliban would party tonight for an overall success and I fear this is just the beginning.

Watching a lot of spy movies; we knew decades ago one had to be on the call for 90 seconds to get traced and I am sure that science has come a long way for that. The convenient call by the TTP spokesperson with no hurry to hang up clearly shows that they do not fear of being caught as they might be out of reach of our government or know that may be they would not be taken care of. Now whilst I agree that Mr. Chaudhary clearly stated that the call is from Afghanistan. I would stress on our government to launch a complaint in the UN in that case at least and plea of cross border terrorism like Karzai and Indian government has done so many times in the past. Also I don’t mean to say that killing the messenger would serve the purpose but the message clearly shows that who is the bane of all the issues for the insanity which prevails in Pakistan. Their confidence grows as we remain indecisive as a nation thanks to some black sheep like JI amongst us whose leader i.e. Munawar Hassan was still heard saying of a political solution with those who either do not believe in politics or democracy.

Few years ago i.e. about 2004 when I had Karahi at Pahad Ganj. I remember Taliban styled man walking freely there. As I stepped into my car after finishing. I told my friend that this area is gone to Taliban for sure. Few years later Altaf Hussein openly declared that Karachi is slowly being given in the hands of Talibans probably under a deal where the democratically elected government i.e. PPP were colluding with TTP to get some guns on the ground to counter MQM. The proof of the pudding of that possible understanding was when the Katti Pahadi skirmishes happened in 2010-11. Talibans purportedly announced from speakers of the mosques over there as per residents that the other community are Jews and all should be killed. Post which when the fight began. It was given an ethnic touch and no solid operation got conducted. This really gave boast to the spirit of the Taliban who in return who raised their heads in other areas of Karachi. Still our government which was lead by PPP both in the center and Sindh whilst they conducted operations in KPK ignored the fall out due to the millions of refugees coming to Karachi and many Talibans who came under their guise.

A lot of reports have clearly stated that TTP used Karachi as a place for R&R (Relaxation and Rejuvenation) and in addition started a campaign of loot, Bhatta, dacoities and kidnappings in the city in addition to the existing groups operating in the city to keep their campaign bank rolled. The whole world knew this that how slowly Talibans got into the skin of Karachi without any hindrance which some say under a deal to act as a first line of defense against MQM. Some reports/sources even say that TTP has been or is being used by certain agencies or by political rivals to kill on their behalf in the city. Mainly effecting MQM and ANP.

I clearly blame the PPP government for this situation of Karachi today as they are now ruling it since 2008. They have not done anything to take this bull by the horn. Whilst their leadership at Ghadi Khuda Bux roars against Taliban or in the social media. Their ground level leadership either out of hypocrisy or out of fear of their lives is in bed with TTP. Some recent reports also say that PPP is going to go in alliance with Taliban for the Local Bodies Polls in tandem with PTI and JI to forge an undeclared alliance in Karachi to get their Mayor at any cost. I wonder what price they have agreed to pay in return for such an unholy alliance as PPP should not forget that TTP has been behind many attacks on the Shias of Pakistan across the country.

At the same time it looks like the Grand Father record i.e. Imran Khan is going to keep on playing in KPK arguing for negotiations. Whilst the reports of negotiations been started and failed are coming out by the central government but PTI and Imran Khan insist on the same. There can be many reasons for this positioning , fear of life, proximity with Jamaat e Islami who are Taliban political face and mentors for PTI , many leaders joining the ranks of PTI coming from JI would also be enforcing the same or Imran Khan and his likeminded know that the day they speak out openly against this menace the vacuum on which PTI gambled to gain as a launching step and to access other segments would see them to be on the radar and I doubt that they would be able to sustain the retaliation as well as sustain being now so much embroiled with them that only divorce I see between them is bloody and lethal. So when we say that PTI is the B Team for TTP. It’s seen that the way Imran Khan is dodging continuously denouncing them and opposing operation against them giving them time to recuperate for a summer offensive against the people of Pakistan.

Unfortunately, it pains to see that the so called operation going on in Karachi has failed to address the raising Taliban factor. May be out of understanding or may be out of limitation. I wonder Pakistan Rangers who are leading the operation is part of the same Pakistan Army which is giving away so many lives up in the north in KPK. It confuses me to see that why whilst our most respectable army fights TTP in the north their sister forces is looking miserably counterproductive in Karachi.

MQM looks vindicated in their suggestions years ago and have paid a lot along with ANP in Karachi fighting Talibans. I wonder why our security agencies would not join hands with them to get better ground intelligence instead of persecuting them. I am sure it’s time that after Chaudhary Aslam’s brazen attack and now the attack on Express News would be a wakeup call for the agencies, our forces and I would say many in the media who were fighting the cause for negotiating with Talibans.

But at the same time I wonder who the real traitors of the country are. Are those who have openly challenged the writ of the state and make mockery out of it every day and terrorize all and sundry or those like Pervez Musharraf and other political parties like MQM and ANP who have stood up against them? Many say that the Laal Masjid was Musharraf greatest mistake bringing the ire on Pakistan of the fundamentalists. I would say he did right but only less.

I wonder how many more lives of our civilians or soldiers or police officers or political workers or social workers or students like Aitzaz and Malala would take before we all agree that you cannot negotiate with Taliban and unite as a nation to take conclusive action against these tyrants. I feel that all those who are chiding negotiations in my view are confusing the nation more and infact buying time for TTP. It would have been better that whilst US remaining in Afghanistan. A joint operation from both sides would have been conducted against them to wipe them out and stopping them from trickling likes a cancer to the other parts of the country.

The tone of TTP spokesperson on the TV Channel when the anchor repeatedly begged for negotiations looked dismissive and non serious for the same. I am sure that any patriotic Pakistani would eventually take the bull by the horn. We plan and give the political support to our forces to conduct a country wide operation against Taliban instead of confusing them in the name of negotiations. PTI and Imran Khan and his likeminded would now have to decide. Are they with Pakistan or against it? As in my view Taliban are terrorists and traitors of Pakistan and who ever side with them for me and Pakistan are the same. It’s time we stand united and take action against this for good. Pakistan Zindabad!

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