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INSPIRATION… Life goes on!!

Time is to reveal a secret. It works, trust me. All you need is to read it through and ponder for a day or two and then decide to act on it or against it. Life would be different, bet your life on that. It goes like this. You feel for something or someone, trust that. Trust the gut feeling, instinct or the voices inside you (well, you have to know yourself for that first). You know how it works; you ain’t just a human with a body and a brain and some animal instincts or urges yearning to be satisfied, but a part and parcel of the jigsaw spread around you. It’s all connected rather intra/interconnected, that what you desire for, like really want, the entire jigsaw doesn’t make perfect sense till you get that.  The universe can’t help functioning that way, call it the law of physics or some psychic predictions for that matter, the forces are desperate to help you get what you wholeheartedly desire for. Your role here, however, is to be focused and conscious of what you desire and then let the magic work rest for you.

Let’s unpack the treasure a bit more. Now what you see here is a professional opportunity waiting for you to go for it, you, on the other hand, are yet deciding, asking people around, who are confused themselves being of the same creed as you are. So what you do? You hold a meeting, make an appointment with yourself. Well, call it a date to sound more romantic. You got to meet yourself, yes, it’s that urgent. Now there, over there, you sit down. Quietly and keep calm. Think. Let the stream of consciousness flow. Do a little favor and let the stream flow in one direction i.e. the thing you desire now. In this context, it’s the professional opportunity. So what does your gut say? It says all the negatives first. Let it give vent to itself. Done? Now think on the positives. Working? Think more. Drat! The positives and negatives are the same i.e. you might lose or win as per the law of probability. Never mind. The gut says, go for it. Do it, as only experiencing it would reveal the true nature of your desired opportunity.

Oh, here is another one, I-like-him/her-but-can’t-decide-if-that’s-worth-it-or-not-part. Now, people, it works like this. Follow the same brain-game. A meeting with yourself would do for sure, as no one, yes, particularly no one can tell you, guarantee you good or bad for yourself but your intuition. If your every molecule of body yearns for that, you got to have that. Remember, you deserve what you think you do and get the share from life only the measure you think you deserved. The concept of soul-mate is the same. It’s YOU who knows what’s missing in your life, not the ones around you. What say? All the possible answers to all the possible questions are within you. And you are already aware of this in your hearts of heart. Talk scientifically and guess what, our brain alone is enough to make sense of the world and its wonders. But beware, act timely, really timely. You got to grab it or lose it. It’s that simple.

Lastly, all this shouldn’t make you lose your empathy for others. Yes, the world works in harmony when you ease others simultaneously. So let the good flow through you and around you, completing the jigsaw thereby for yourself and rest, and the world would make perfect sense to you. For now, laugh out loud and think, deep.

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