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Jinnah’s Pakistan!

I have always tried to picture how it might have been like… A new country, a new identity, a new hope! 14th August 1947. A day like no other. The partition of Pakistan has no parallel in history. Professor Stanley Wolpert writes “Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation. Jinnah did all three”.

 Millions of Muslims from all over the Indian subcontinent, leaving all their property and belongings behind, loaded themselves onto trains with the hope of stepping on their own land. They knew their journey was not going to be easy. They knew the risk they were taking was huge. Even so, they never stopped believing! They did not fear suffering, death or pain for they feared God for they believed in Him. One of the greatest migrations in history took place and then came panic. Violence between Muslims and Hindus resulted in the deaths of nearly a million people. The trains were attacked. People were mercilessly killed and massacred. Pakistan was a reality and is so till the living day. Although a lot has changed now.

 People talk about dividing the country on the basis of language. A nation divided among itself is open to conquest by the enemy. This is what our political leaders don’t understand anymore. Today, we are “insafians”, “altafists”, “bhuttoists”, “liberals”, “secularists”… We aren’t Pakistanis, that’s all! We are “Sunni”, “Shia”, “Deobandi”, “Barelvi”…. We aren’t Muslims that’s all! The moment we realize and acknowledge the sacrifices of our ancestors and the moment we start understand the true meaning of the two nation theory… WE WILL BE PAKISTANIS!! And then there will be no Naya or purana Pakistan! There will be no Sindh 1 or Sindh 2! There will be PAKISTAN and only Pakistan. Jinnah’s Pakistan!

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