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Zara Nam Ho to Ye Matti Bari Zarkhez hai Saaqi

 “If anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.” (Quran al-Ma`idah 5:32).Tribute to  Aitzaz Hassan 15 Year old valiant teenager from Hangu who left his parents tearful and sorrowful by saving the lives of 2000 children but saved the parents of those children to cry. His bravery act brings the fresh air of pride for the people of Pakistan especially for youth. He made the prophecy of Allama Iqbal true who said “Nahi hai Na Umeed Iqbal Apni Kashte Viran Se (Kasht-e-weeran = Muslim youth), Zara Nam ho to Ye Mati Bari Zerhez hai Saqi”. Aitzaz Hassan made this mud ‘num’ with his blood and open the new chapter of history.  

This incident happened in Hangu when Aitzaz Hassan (martyr) was standing with his friends outside the school and one anonymous person reached them to know the address of a school. He wanted to explode the school and children.They spotted them wearing suicide vest. Despite the pleas of his fellows he runs to capture him by saying ‘'I'm going to stop him. He is going to school to kill my friends”. He martyred but he kept saved his school fellows by thwarting suicide bomb attack.

As Malala did jahad by writing but this young teenager Aitzaz Hassan did jahad by giving his blood. His status is superior than Malala. Nations are always recognized from there people .People they make a nation. Pakistanis like Aitzaz Hasan who always used to say”I am always ready for my country” are true patriots and brand ambassadors of the nation.  

The situation in a country right now is very distressed. We are unclear to identify who is martyr and who is terrorist. This incident has made a path to distinguish between them and cleared one point at least that is any organization, group or person involved in killing innocent children or people have no religion, no humanity, no fraternity and have no believe on God. They are the culprits with no aim only to spread violence in a society. The sacrifice of Aitzaz Hassan is a cause of motivation for youngsters to confront these non patriotic elements with patriotism and bravery.  He set an example and gave message to youth only you are the people who can save your country don’t afraid even you have to sacrifice your lives to save your nation. 

The important point here is the major responsibility now comes on the shoulder of media to promote Aitzaz Hassan as a hero of the nation in a same way as they did for Malala. Although the government of Pakistan has taken good step in this regard by declaring a Sitar-e-Shujaat however he deserves more than this medal. Our army and government should coordinate with each other in this regard to announce Nishan-e-Haider the highest bravery award of Pakistan for civilian Aitzaz Hassan first time in the history of Pakistan. As he didn't only save 2000 children he saved two thousand families and the whole humanity as according to verse of Quran mentioned above.

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