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An open Letter to Imran Khan

The Chairman

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf

Dear Mr. Khan

 Subject: Please Stop Confusing The Nation

I hope this letter finds you in best of health but trust me your confused argument has brought the worst for my country since your pre- election campaign to this day. Yes, I am talking about your same vague argument of reaction theory that gives enough justification to T-bans to decapitate our army men, the army which fights for my land from mountains of Durand line to glaciers of Sia Chin & from the borders of Wahga to the coasts of Karachi, the army which plays its role from monitoring elections to bhal safai. I would plea you to answer this country that how many more soldiers you want us cost? We have nearly lost 50,000 lives both civilians and uniform personals, we are continuing to lose them at  high pace, the pace which is many times than your quick bouncers but still you are unable to get this that this was, this is and this will be our war. The war for our survival, the war for securing our shattering law, the war for  letting the girls to get education at equal terms which is being advised by our Holy Prophet (PBUH). The war to continue our religious ideology which not only let us celebrates our children birthdays but our Prophet’s birthday as well and the war to protect our founder’s homeland.

Having said this, please clear what type of politics is this? What form of bravery is this coming from a “Khan”, who is born to be courageous but here letting his followers, his nation down to dust. May be in response to this you can go for your another response of “initiating Negotiations” with the militants or for your pleasure I can call them “militants with Muslim attire”, Please brief this nation as what type of negotiations, what type of talks you want us to pledge with those who don’t even know the terms of cease fire. Or in case, if the talks are started then please explain what would the talks be like? Will we give them FATA or will we have borders with Peshawar? Will there be Quazi’s blessing hunters to the women in bazars? Will there be male schools only or will the universities like Kinnaird, Becaonhouse etc. be used for arsenals? Will there be personal celebrations but no Eid Milad Un Nabi? Will the other minorities be acting as servants or their feminine will be consumed as Mal –e- Ghanimat? Will there be any FDI’s or our only trade will be cocaine? Will we have any say in UNO or will isolation be our fate? Will, will and will…there can be numerous questions which this nation, other than the portion of uninformed youth asks from you?

Please for God sake have mercy upon this nation. I know you are an achiever, an idealist, a dreamer yet your dream for ruling this country shouldn't be at the cost of this country.  The time has come when you, along with all of us have to understand that badness needs to be killed from own self,  irrespective of any color, cast or race it belongs too, just like a cancerous part of the body that needs to be cured of well before it effects the whole body. Since, you are also the head of Cancer Hospital; I expect you to understand that this cancer has already damaged Pakistan to maximum and needs a full packed Army Therapy. Again, I request you to not to confuse the nation any more in this negotiation theory, Let’s not make us believe that your educated youngsters are highly educated but crammers and let’s not make the world realize that a 9th grade student Aitazaz Hassan was far less confuse than a 60 plus dreamer, who could well see his enemy which the dreamer can’t.

Hoping for a positive response that results in your loud voice against Cruel

Best Regards
Crying Pakistan

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