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INDO-PAK relations can be ideal

India and Pakistan are two neighbor nuclear powers. Both carry their distinguish importance in the world and both have been in the sight of whole world. Unfortunately these countries could not develop a relation which should be in two neighbor countries.

During last 67 years we fought three wars and exchanged fire many time across the border that resulted a huge loss of both militaries and people.

Daily increasing political aggression is taking situation into worst. In both countries statements against each other are considered a victory. Usually political direction is handled through behavior of public. Whatever public wants, politics tries to present it.

Today, both nations are in a state of ego and hatred that doesn’t seem vivid. Statements do not decide victory or defeat but can do enhance the hatred and love. We must know this fact.  What if we continue this ego and hatred? Simply we will find a large increment in our ego and hatred more than it is today. We will fight more wars and will kill more soldiers and citizens of both countries. Problems will grow and people will find them in mist of issues. Peace will remain a dream for nations.

Similarly we have Kashmir issues for decades. Kashmiris are waiting for our decision. But we always think whose Kashmir is? Either it is part of Pakistan or India? Either it is an issue of Pakistan or of India?

We don’t think that it is an issue of humanity. We don’t think that it is a part of world where Muslims or Hindus don’t live but live human beings. Resolving this will not be the victory of Pakistan or India .It will be the victory of humanity. It will be victory of human rights. But we people forget humanity in our egos and hatred.

Unless we think for human beings, apart from thinking for Muslims and Hindus, Kashmir issue is not going to be resolved. We will find religious tensions more strong and hatred more prevailed.

We have to think beyond our religious borders. Because where humanity comes, every religion on earth does its favor. Where it comes peace, every religion and every human being does a favor.

We will have to forget past in order make a new future. If we try to include past in our future, future is not going to be peaceful. Past will produce hurdles. Not we have to think for humanity. We have to make decisions which at least don’t harm human beings. We have to make decision which must be in favor of both nations. The decisions which must be the proud for the people of both countries.

We must know the fact that we are human beings first than everything else.

So let us start our thinking from humanity. We both have resources. Both countries can solve issues existing in India and Pakistan together. We can solve basic problems together.

Today, these issues are dependent upon our behaviors. We can change situation through our thinking and behaviors. We can be peaceful under the flag of humanity. We can be a peaceful continent on earth that would a marvelous example to the whole world.

Today, it is up to us that what we choose to do. In which direction we want this situation.

Surely every citizen of Pakistan and India wants a peaceful relation between their countries. And if he wants he can build that relation up.

Let us walk together on the road of peace. Let us make a new example of peace, love and brotherhood in the world. Let us resolve our mutual issues and emerge as two most peaceful nations on earth.

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