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Musharraf’s regime VS recent democratic Era

We are living in a country with population is exceeding 180 million people , well nothing wrong with that it’s just normal when we look at the population of our neighbors India and China .

The thing that is wrong with Pakistan is the system or may be the people who are running the system. From a primary government school to the Parliament there are flaws everywhere.
Few years back during Musharraf's regime we were facing problems but not that much of problems we are facing today.

There is corruption, unemployment, poverty and many more issues existing in our society today which were never there before in Pakistan. There is load shedding but from 2008 and onwards we had gone through times when there were crisis of wheat and rice , yes I repeat again wheat and rice , so load shedding looks a small issue when we think about above mentioned crisis .
Load shedding is also one of our major problems. Because of this issue industrial sector is suffering a lot and this is also increasing unemployment, young graduates are struggling for jobs. Business community is also struggling but they somehow are managing by increasing the costs and at the end once again common people have to suffer here too.

These are some common problems people of Pakistan are suffering from for last couple of years or I should say during the democratic eras of PPP government and now from current PML(N) government .

Democracy doesn't mean to somehow complete your five years of government. A democratic government is responsible to take care of the public, to solve their problems, to provide them basic necessities of life. Sadly this is not happening in Pakistan.

Most of the people reading this will be thinking that I have discussed about the failures of democratic government without mentioning the biggest issue I.e.: war against terrorism. I didn't do that because after 18th amendment provincial governments have all the rights and funds for the development and for everything but we hardly see any development in Sindh and Punjab. I am not talking about development of KPK and Baluchistan as they are attacked by terrorists by every passing day.

Now when we look at Musharraf's regime people were provided basic necessities of life , country was moving in forward direction , everything was going fine if not good but since the democratic government was formed in 2008 we are just moving in backward direction . Even though there are issues like Lal Masjid , Akbar Bugti's murder , emergency declared on 3 November 2007 are the issues that shattered all his good work . But still one can say very easily that Musharraf's era was by far better than recent democratic eras because he at least provided people the things they needed.

This is one of the reasons why after some big mistakes during his era Musharraf still has so much sympathies and support from public.

The thing people of Pakistan have learnt from Musharraf's regime and democratic era is that it’s not about dictatorship or democratic government it's actually how they run the government; it's how they develop the country. We only need basic necessities no matter it comes from a dictator or a democratic government.

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