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Wake Up EU Think Tank

It is believed that “success is based upon change as per changing times”. So being agile is what leads someone to success whether it’s a giant organization at its maturity stage or a political party’s campaign, it’s ultimately the agility that makes a difference. Considering this, European think tank needs to reconsider its policy in terms of so called and over hyped war against terror i.e. pro American approach. In simple words, how long the entire EU will continue to pay the price for US-UK friendship.

This is a crucial time when EU has to finally decide that it can’t be a part of war games which are lead, designed, constructed, crafted, architect and prolonged by the great United States of America. I know it’s not as easy as I have written but one can’t deny the fact that there nearly exists 44 million Muslims in EU and irrespective of being right or wrong, there anger for America is obvious because of its (US) consistent war sequences over the past few decades. Be it senior Bush Vs soviet or Clinton against Serbia, Junior Bush  up against Afghanistan, Iraq, or Obama’s heavy involvement in Arab spring, America’s aggression and succession of war activities is a main source of rising anger amongst Muslims against America.

Since I am a liberal and unfortunately EU somehow appears as a major alley of America in these war zones, I fear this rising anger amongst Muslims residing in EU could be a major threat for peaceful and sensible Eurozone. Because at present the major portion of Muslim society generally considers US as anti-Muslim entity and before the same feelings are generated for the EU which is still loved by them, the EU should detach itself from America’s war scripting, at least a little if not in all.

It doesn’t mean that I am advising EU to have dispute with United States. No way, not at all. Friendship should have limits before it costs your own life that’s why EU can assure America that it is with America in all trades relations and it will be with America in all student and cultural exchange programs etc., but it can’t be a part of every non required, unnecessary and unauthentic wars which may have some monetary rewards for America but could surely be risky for the security, protection and prosperity of European people specially when EU is combating with economic crisis, especially when European youth is striving from being unemployed and especially when the standardized EU is aiming at further integration having 44 million Muslim residents who are playing a major role in its economy. And this is a critical time for EU think tank to wake up, well before risking its Eiffels (Eiffel Tower), well before risking its army uniform. 

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