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Inspirational we are; inspiration we can be

Let’s start the day off with much more of subtle uselessness and petty grievances as we always do, taking for granted the truly-amazing figures around (purely intellectual in connotation) and complaining that nothingness prevails, playing the blame game with more strenuous efforts than ever. Sounds like a drag but not exactly. That’s more or less the tale of today for every average mind of this age; let’s focus more on the nation we are than the ones in the worldwide and we can certainly narrow down and get more apparent cases. Who am I and why would I choose to play the same harp again? Well, let’s go with brag here, I think, I feel and I wonder. That has made me identify some really wonderful souls around who are, can be and will more be an inspiration for many around. Who are they and what they do will come shortly, but how are they making a difference in other lives, through just putting heart and soul in their work, is worth-mentioning. Let’s open our hearts and read the tale through; a homage to all such beings in the world (for now, Pakistan).

The tale starts beyond the gender, age, cast or creed and goes like this. A lady with shoulder cut hairdo, dressed formally enough, carrying an air of reflective confidence and thoughtful gaze. What more comes when she starts articulating her thoughts, managing the workplace, the human resource and the young brains around, which she instructs English at a renowned organization named Berlitz. Her professional growth in such short span is her own achievement but how she has managed to make English language learning a total worth-taking experience is note-worthy. She is a strong woman and is surely an inspiration for many up-coming professionals around. She is currently working at Berlitz Karachi as the LIS – Language Instructors’ Supervisor.

The tale goes on with another worth-mentioning soul, currently pursuing her PHD from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The tale is of her endless struggle and pursuit for her professional career as an academician. Starting off as a fresh Grat at Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, she did MBA, M Phil in Business Finance and served at the same university for a while till she received an opportunity from The Islamia University, Bahawalpur for the position of Assistant Professor. From there on her endless quest to be a worth-mentioning academician of international level hasn’t taken a single breathe of recreation. She is a loving daughter and a caring sister. She has dedicated her soul to the noble cause of knowledge which would certainly benefit countless in the run.

The tale ends with another noble soul, currently working at the rehab center in Lahore, Ehsas Clinic: Addiction and Psychological Treatment Center as the administration officer. The point that clicks any sensitive soul is the fact that he himself has been a promising part of the center as a patient and could recover with such zeal and effort that the concept of rehab seems a much positive turning over of a newer leave of any addict’s life.

This quick read if couldn’t do any good to the ones mentioned; it would most certainly have done one good deed all together i.e. to acknowledge the efforts with an open heart of the truly amazing ones around. This tale will go on with the same zest now, quoting every wonderful being of this nation with the same motto, ‘Inspirational we are; inspiration we can be.’

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