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Understanding the logic is surely a great blessing that can resolve the complexities but in Pakistan, understanding the logic itself becomes illogical when involved biases in it. Over the last few years, some illogical logics have become so popular in masses, which have resulted in enough confusion to deviate us from the real issues; clearly reflecting the quality and credibility of our journalists & politicians, the biasness of whom has taken us nowhere but on the peak of confusion and isolation.

For instance arguments like “Reaction theory of  justifying T-Bans brutality for Continuing American war” while forgetting about our army’s decapitation, “Justification for Malala attack with children killed in Madrassas by drones”, “Calling Hakim Ullah Shaheed because of his Muslim attire” etc. are the kind of vague logics that resulted in nothing but in immense confusion and further disintegration of country. Summarizing my thoughts into nut shell, there has been highlighted a new such logic which is presented by anchors like Asma Sherazi, Hamid Mir and obviously the Sharifs and various Bhuttos stating, “If a politician can be hanged why an army general can’t be hanged than”.

This logic being spoken by many and famous in Media hasn’t caught my eye so far, especially when all my life seeing myself aging in a Pro PPP family and witnessing lengthy debates about Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s misery and biasness of judiciary in his matter, I find no reason to believe Musharraf’s trial is a valid one, especially in a scenario when stance of judiciary has shifted from biasness to revenge.  And so should I expect from PPP, PML & the incompetentanchors for which rating of shows must be higher than rating their logic high.

Coming Back to the operation of logic about why can’t an army man be hanged when a politician can, I will present my logic according to which “If a politician has been hanged on fake political motivated case, why should an army General be hanged too for a political revenge, it’s better to eradicate the root cause I.e. the corrupt and biased judiciary”. Why should we continue to allow our courts to give ill verdicts on periodic basis and snatching the leaders loved by millions; the contribtion of whom to this country is unquestionable, despite few errors made by them? Does killing of Z.A Bhutto forms enough bases to kill any army general at any cost, regardless of the case content and its pros and cons? How long we can allow the courts to use cleavers instead of pens? How long the justice will be sold like stock exchange shares in political markets? To avoid this, this fraudulent trial and the cheap judicial terrorism against leaders of valor and courage, based upon the logic discussed above should be reassembled by media.

Also, I will draw my attention to all the mourners of Bhutto Shaheed that it’s the same judicial pen liable for snatching their Quaid-e-Awam from them, It’s the same judiciary responsible for disqualifying their sitting prime minister, It’s the similar black coat that brought Zardari to book for Political victimization, It’s the very PCO based justice that cherished a politics of petitions against them in their last tenure, then how can a revenge from Musharraf  heal the wounds of democracy, without curing the cuts in judicial system? There also can’t be any moral or political ground for PPP to support the worst ever judicial institution of Pakistan that has strengthen the anti-democratic hands always. Be it Zia’s cruelty for Bhutto or Be it controversial cases on Mr. Zardari etc., it was and is the black sheep hiding in black and its pretty unethical if PPP continue to  support this biased trial based upon pick and choose. PPP should remember and alter their logic that punishing Musharraf is not goanna give them Bhutto’s blood back. It was Zia’s regime and pro extremist mindset that resulted in Bhutto’s martyrdom and Musharraf though representing the same uniform is against the very mind set which is being condemned by PPP. Also, PPP jiyala’s must remember that the re-opened case on Z.A Bhutto’s trial has been sent to cold corners by this Biased Court. Seeing all this, it’s quite unfortunate to see PPP supporting the same Black team and going against Musharraf to that extent. However, the element of de-grading PML and creating fuss between the Govt. and Army could be hidden perspective of PPP, yet going by an extra mile in Musharraf issue could further limit their political mileage to Sind in elections to come.

On final remarks all anchors and stake holders should correct their logic that this trial may create lots of discrepancies in future. Bhutto’s hanging was one wrong which can’t be nullified by another hang which could be the second wrong and it is well known that “Two wrongs don’t make one right”. I believe this phrase isn’t that difficult for an oxford student as it looks for the competent anchors around, but still if their elusive yet appealing argument results in hanging another popular leader/ servant of the nation, the corrupt hands of judiciary will further be stronger. That’s why get the logic right and tune the biased judiciary, so that breed of  leaders be stopped from extinct, well before Musharraf is remembered the same way as Bhuttos are missed after their lives.

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