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Living in a country where people act like saints, brag like bravehearts and what they practically love to do is "just sit and watch". 

Here, fighting for the country’s cause all along your life and sacrificing each moment of your youth instead of relishing the perks to safeguard the motherland do not get you any gratitude, privilege and respect, but in fact indictment, indignation and sheer disregard. While I talk about Sir Pervez Musharraf, one thing is to be clear that I m being non political, non individualistic and above all not emotionally deranged.

Take the example of you, yes you, yourself. You join Pakistan army at the age of 18. Get the best training under the highest command of the military from the most prestigious academy of PAKISTAN ARMY PMA Kakul. As soon as you pass out, your country is posed by war, you fight like a brave heart and get the gallantry award bringing pride to both army and the country. Then again you participate in yet another two wars and fight bravely. Your high command promotes you ON MERIT from a 2nd Lt upto a four star GENERAL rank. 43 years, not hours, not days not months, remember the 43 years, it’s almost DOUBLE the age of a fresh engineer.

Just think of the courses you would have been through all along a gigantic 43 years of service to your country, from PMA to NDC and to the high profile WAR courses from abroad and within PAKISTAN to the 7 years service in the toughest squad of your Army, the SSG.

Then finally your profile shines and you lead your ARMY as the CHIEF. You have nothing in your mind to do with politics and power game. Then suddenly while you are airborne, you are removed from your post…A big LOL… Your plane including hundreds of innocent lives is not allowed to land in your country instead you are dir

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