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The Corruption: WITHIN…..

“The government is corrupt! Everyone from the upper echelon to the lowest minister is corrupted in the cabinet! They hoard on public’s money and make their mansions! People are dying of hunger and they are having their mutton parties! Inflation is because of them! Poverty is because of them! Unemployment is because of them! This is because of them; that is because of them!”

How many times have we uttered these words? Not a single day goes by without blaming the government for its ineptitude and we keep on howling and swearing on the ministers. And it is true, true in every sense of word corruption. Yes our ministers are piling up on our taxes, making their own big bungalows and devouring the lavish offerings of the eateries.

But aren’t these politician and government representatives, a part of us. One from amongst us. Talking of this and I remember the following verse from Quran:

“A nation gets a ruler who is like them”.

This leads way to asking the question; have we ever given a thought to where do we stand? Ever realized are we pure, untainted, and free of wickedness, farce and debauchery?

And yes the answer to above question is our leaders are no different from us, they are just one of us.

While in masjid we are more concerned about our shoes than praying. The pens in the banks and the mugs in the public offices are chained to prevent stealing. We fill our plates full of food in the weddings and then leave them half as we feel full. We pick-up someone’s fallen money without even asking if it belongs to someone present there. We tell lies rather unflinchingly. We make profits out of people’s money by tricking them.

A TV show Sar-e-Aam presented how in common day life we the commoners con each other. The nation that we have become is the testimony to who out of us become our leaders.

It showed the way an electrician went on to spoil the wires of a motor of a building so that the motor be handed to him and in the pretense of repairing he can ask for a good amount of money. It also showed how a puncture wala and a TV mechanic damaged the puncture and TV system deliberately to get hold of more money which they might not get otherwise. We have all become insensitive and numb about the way we are destructive to others. And so ruthless and unapologetic we have become, that it doesn’t make a difference to us.

Of course the root for all these actions is the greed for more money that we have all harbored as human beings and God knows from when. The hunger is insatiable and has become a norm of our society, where we don’t care if we hurt others’ feelings; take their hard earned income away; and shatter their dreams without being hesitant and regretful and how.

So apt have we become that it has become a part of our life. Each one of us cheats the other in one way or the other to get that little extra money, to get into the good books of someone, to insult someone and etc. This all is rather to give our children a new gift that they have asked for, or to get our children into a good school for a brighter future or to have a cozy, luxurious, extravagant life.

What we forget perhaps, is that nothing good can be earned on the basis of artifice, deception and treachery.  Building our child’s future on dishonesty will let them be dishonest. Buying a car by cheating on others will bring joy but never contentment. Eating scrumptious meals on someone else’s earnings would fill our stomach but never satiate the hunger.

So before going on a spree of blaming and holding others responsible for our conditions and circumstances, it is merely obligatory to have a good look at our own selves and reflect at our wrong doings. Till we reform ourselves to become better human beings who are earnest, honest and modest we will never have rulers who are so. The need is to anti-corrupt what lies within before sanitizing the surroundings. Once that is achieved we will never complain of corruption in the government and that our leaders are corrupt.

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