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Black Hands

Today “Black Magic” is considered to be a common trend in many areas of Pakistan and it seems quite evident that the practitioners of this dark art, target specific people for their own benefits. The practice of black magic or as some call it, “kaala jadu”, often takes place during the night, especially at the cemeteries. It is not only practiced in Muslim countries but is ubiquitous in the western world as well.

However, the answer to one question remains indefinite. Why do people practice this spiteful activity? There are many reasons as to why people resort to experimenting with black magic. It can either be for their self gain, greed or to cause harm to someone whom they despise or envy. With television shows trying to raise awareness amongst people about this practice, the popularity of black magic is increasing considerably.

Kaala jadu” is somehow linked to the West African practice of ‘Voodoo Magic.’ However, the only difference between the two is that the latter, is practiced with dolls whereas black magic practitioners use an owl’s blood as a basic ingredient. This usage however, is strictly prohibited in some religions. Furthermore, this element is indispensable to the process of black magic. The victims of ‘kaala jadu’ may suffer from severe headaches, fatigue and extreme hunger. During this period of time, it can be deduced that kaala jadu has manifested its harmful effects on an array of innocent victims.

In addition, it is also believed that the feathers of an owl signify the existence of black magic and the way it exhibits its devastating effects. Furthermore, the victim’s behavior may change drastically when he enters a different environment depending on his disposition. It may affect his daily life and deviate him from his normal activities. Another manifestation of black magic is the presence of tiny spots of blood on any part of the victim’s body. Above all, when doctors are unable to explain the symptoms of this devious art, it can be inferred that the victim has been cursed with Black Magic.

Black Magic or ‘Kaala Jadu’ can alter lives of innocent people and to some extent, can even kill them. There are several effective ways of thwarting black magic and its catastrophic effects. One of them is to constantly chant holy verses of the Qur’an and to stay away from the people who one suspects are practitioners of black magic. It is tremendously saddening to witness such practices in a country like Pakistan. The activities of Black Magic and people associated with such affairs have tarnished the definition of a true Muslim.

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