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Educating In Cool Modes

In our surroundings we have people of various kinds and we all know that a society is thrived on by the acts and words of those individuals. Thus, each individual has an impact over the society but very few of these individuals are being born with a distinguished quality to respond to the status quo with courage to change it. As a matter of fact, most of the individuals’ response is somewhat of such kind that has nothing to do any better to the societal aspects. Still, we have few people who take this courage, with their intellect and efforts to change it. These people are just like common people but what makes them different other than the rest of people is their sensitive approach with a spirit to change society using their intellect in the best possible manner. Their efforts might be taken as little or trivial and some people would even tag as useless but such efforts surely guarantees for a change in the status quo.


One such effort was led by two persons; Adnan Afzal Bhatti and Syed Qaseem Ali by way making comic pages to bring a positive change in the society and make it more tolerant and biased-free. They both happen to be engineer and now enjoy a good professional career but with their wit and intellect, are trying to make peoples’ thinking with a positive approach towards many of the social ills that prevail in our society. Their comic page Kool A’s has posted many comics dealing all the subjects and aspects of life that we might ignore but these images give us a message to think and change our course. It is true that sometime a message can not be conveyed so well in a serious mode as you can do it in way that is attractive or say seems interesting. So making people realized towards their biased attitudes in comics have gone with not a huge but a good rate success. 

When you ask the reason that why such kind of comics on a social website so they would tell that facebook is on our thumbs now and it is the easiest way to communicate so as it can be used to spread awareness that what we believes in. They also say awareness would not be spread only when it is taught at the school or institution alone but it can be given where ever people seek for social gathering and in the today’s Google world, facebook happens to be the massive-social gathering of one sort. They have a mission to spread positive awareness that goes successful as many of the people from all fields of the life respond to their work quickly as soon as they post any new comic. On the page, the comics have been made to make people think about their hypocritical attitudes that they have consciously or unconsciously. These comics are not just an art work but they have a message for everyone who clicks to look at it closely right from keeping grudge in one’s heart to judging people just on their attire. The best thing that the comics aim is to end bigotry from our society.
So one should hope for a positive change in our society that would come in our lives as we have people in our society who use a unique way to educate us. We very mistakenly believe that a change would only come when a huge-revolution would take place and have forgotten the fact that change can also be brought about first in our attitudes that is the key to change the whole of the society. Never forget, that a nation’s attitudes have a bigger impact in it’s over growth and so they should be very positive in the truest sense of being positive. Let’s praise such people who take positive initiatives for the correction of our society for no reward however what only thing that they expect is that their objective for the correction is attained.

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