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Dangerous Behavior Behind The Wheel

Nowadays every individual considers a cell phone to be an indispensable possession. But are mobile phones so significant to risk one’s life? I often come across individuals talking on their cell phones while driving when it is considered unlawful. The usage of cell phones while driving has drastically increased throughout the years. Nevertheless, strict laws have been implemented in countries such as the U.S., England and Australia to ban the use of cellular phones while driving any vehicle. Many individuals use headphones as a mean for communication purposes but this only increases the risk of accidents.

Text-messaging is the worst! "Texting while driving is way more dangerous than drinking and driving." This is a proven fact! When a person texts through any cellular device, he happens to lose contact with the road. This can eventually lead to a fatal accident. In addition, some individuals often forget to switch off their cell phone devices while driving. Devotion and concentration are the two mandatory aspects required while driving a vehicle. Some individuals believe that multitasking is the new trend in today’s world when it is the opposite. Scientifically, the brain can only perform one task at a time.

On a more serious note, texting while driving is against the law. There might be a lucky few who could manage to escape from the traffic police but once a person gets caught, he would have to pay a heavy cost in the end! Cell phones have become a fashion icon in today’s society and that is mainly why teenagers under the age of fifteen are using cell phones. If such devices are used for hours a day, they may cause serious damage to one’s brain cells. A Swedish study suggests a possible link between cell phones and early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. In 2002, Hardell Et Al published a study on cell phones connection to temporal brain tumors. He suggested that individuals who used cell phones on a daily basis were two and a half times more likely to develop temporal brain tumors on the side of their head where they held their phones.

Despite all the awareness about the subject, people have not been able to refrain from using cell phones while driving. Nevertheless, there are some effective ways of thwarting the repetitive use of cell phones in a day. Always switch off the mobile phones while driving the car and use a hands free device if very urgent. Sadly, some individuals give more importance to their cell phones than to themselves.

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