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Who is the real BILLA (TomCAT)???

“Billa”(male cat & tomcat in English) is the recent entered word in political terminology of undisciplined, disrespected and unethical political arena of Pakistan and we all know that the very word has been awarded by none other than PhD Mr. Asif Zardari to the man in prison, whose wit and intellect is well famed. Continuing his wit, the former General responded in an interview at express TV in one liner i.e. “Which billa drank milk after Benazir’s Martyrdom” Haha… This was surely the best possible answer and a fine tuned political one, which was missed in our PhD’s statement. However, this particular reply of Musharraf instigated me to evaluate further about BIlla’s traits and qualities so to better analyze the credibility of arguments given by two geniuses mentioned above.

So, based on the argument about Billa being an opportunist and taking milk at the suitable times, one must not forget deals like NRO where couple of billas rejoined to drink enough milk that resulted in helping them winning turn by turn. It was certainly the best utilized opportunity by the so called esteemed Mr. Cleans, which ensured them to drink more unless this falling economy will have few drops of milk left in it. I may not agree with the authenticity of the cases on Mr. Zardari but NRO was the tough reality to digest with a long list of beneficiaries. The story doesn't halt as the 007 character of billa takes us back in the early 2000s, when the present prime minister took the opportunity for safe exit and once again it was the same Musharraf who left quite a few milk for the leader to save his life. And if one further turns over history pages, there will be more than numerous occasions where one would find the exact traits of billas in our beloved politicians.

On concluding note of this billa theory, it’s hard to put Musharraf in a Billa category especially when the commando has himself come back to country and off and on has rejected the offers for back door exit, rather he still prefers to face the controversial political motivated cases, not like others who took it years to write a single a piece of letter to Swiss courts.  However for readers, here I write some recognized phrases to put some great politicians in to it in some respectful English literature manner. The first one would be “A cat in gloves catches no mice” for Zardari sahab, for Mr. Khan it’s like “Cat in hell chance” whereas it’s a “cat burglar” scenario for the man in power. And finally to make our politicians happy the situation for man in prison is surely like playing “cat and mouse” but history can not dare to name him a billa, a tomcat but may recall a lion roaring in the line of fire.

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