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Microsoft’s 100 CEO’s

IN august 2013, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer announced his retirement within one year. Since then the hunt for CEO of this technological giant began. Reportedly Microsoft considered approx. 100 candidates for this position. A four member committee including Bill Gates was formed to whittle down the list.  Its a difficult and stressful job, any person willing to sit on this position has to pull Microsoft back to the acme especially when the company is gradually plunging into deficits and losses, lacking innovation and facing some tough rivalry in tablet and cellphone market, that’s why it's taking time, to find the right person. News sources have indicated that FORD CEO Alan Mulally is the leading candidate though Mulally has confirmed he is yet to stay at FORD through 2014, my question is that why is he even considered suitable for this position in first place?

As a “celebrity” CEO , yes he has done his fair share of rising FORD’S share price but can he do that for Microsoft considering the guy has “no” experience with technology at all. Can he really handle a firm full of geeks, nerdy programmers? The right person for this job is still Bill Gates. Consider the king for this job not a jack.

Microsoft’s director John Thompson confirmed through his blog that a list of 20 candidates is under consideration now but a deeper research is still in process. Microsoft had its share of critics, with Microsoft’s surface table doing not so well in market, same goes for conventional windows phone (not a game changer) and again windows 8 not a huge hit among novice users, the new CEO has to bring a strong leadership with him, some serious decisions and face some tough challenges. Only time will tell the new CEO will be another Steve Ballmer or a new Bill Gates.

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