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Covid-19: Man-made calamity or wrath of nature?

Who would have ever thought that a tiny and imperceptible virus will challenge the arrogance of whole humanity? This tiny virus has exposed the atrocious policies of “powerful” governments that are actively robbing their nations’ wealth and future.

Isn’t it strange that the new norm of individual masking unmasked our bitter reality of living? Sadly, the world-shattering phenomenon not only affected hundreds of thousands of people across the planet but has raised many questions.

Is it justifiable if I say human mistreatment and disrespect towards nature crossed all the heights? Let’s take the blindfold out and see who the real culprit is.

Are we unaware that due to our endless charm for luxury and urbanization the world has lost the area of primary forests by 80 million hectares since the 1990s? I am sure that fires in Bolivia, Brazil’s primary forest loss, and Australia’s bushfires crisis must have not gotten your attention as much as few fancy seminars and meetings.

From the trash thrown out to the millions of metric tons of pollution pumped into the air, it is now obvious that the problem is inescapable! According to the World Bank, air pollution is estimated to be $5.7 trillion, equivalent to 4.8% of global GDP and as a result, our environment is badly affecting. Are we still unaware of the fact that 3 billion animals were impacted by Australia’s bushfire crisis?.

Sadly, Humanity has wiped out 60% of the animal population since 1970. Tanya Steele, chief executive at WWF, said: “We are the first generation to know we are destroying our planet and the last one that can do anything about it.”

There is no doubt that the outbreak of this pandemic is the deadliest in human history but it is the true reflection of our irresponsible behavior. “As you sow so shall you reap?” We have been carelessly polluting, manipulating, and damaging our nature.

The environment has long been an unspoken casualty of war and armed conflict and thus it is right to say that we, humans are the reason! Yes, we are the culprits! The Covid-19 pandemic is not only the clear message for rethinking our behavior and approach toward our mother earth but also is an unprecedented wake-up call from those species whose existences we have disregarded as a part of nature. However, “every dark cloud has a silver lining”.

While people are trying to heal from the Covid-19 pandemic, the planet celebrates and heals itself. The lockdown has enabled many rare species to come out. According to a report, Deer were seen walking around in a town in Poland. Wild turkeys dominated a playground in California. Olive Ridley turtles came ashore on a beach in Odisha. The appearances of these animals show that the real intruders are humans. Moreover, China, being the place of origin of the COVID-19 infection, is now showing a considerable reduction in its pollution levels. The air quality has improved considerably and similarly in other countries too. There has been a great reduction in the levels of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. So, while people are tackling the COVID-19 virus, the shutdown has given the Earth a breather to recover a bit from global warming.

Covid-19 and future pandemics will collapse once we, as humans decided to change, and start investing in humanity.

The unspoken truth is that humans’ life is in a symbiotic relationship with the environment and Covid-19 has allowed us to click the reset button on our non-serious behavior and activities. Let’s not waste the opportunity to press the reset button on our relationship with nature and work together for a sustainable future.

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