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Deteriorating Language

In our childhood what we had been most emphasized for was the use of language with the ethics. Most of the time, we were being supervised by our elders; parents and teachers for the correction if ever we had uttered any wrong words mistakenly. The result was that we were in a constant process to incorporate ethics in our personality by way of moralizing the language. We were so accustomed to this language correcting drill that we ourselves used to correct our mates in terms of using wrong words. Thus we, our friends, siblings and cousins were using a decent and neat selection of words.  It used to go the same at the school, neighbourhood and family. Whatever the instructions were given by our teachers for our good character building would have definitely been adhered by hearts by the parents. Whereas, the part that came to us was to be obedient to all of our guiders.

Sadly, it goes totally vice versa in this era. Everyday, what we observe is getting the language standards deteriorated among the people but more unfortunately among our youngsters. They seem in an onslaught situation in their surroundings. They are very appropriately to be called unfortunate in this regards that they have no way to go out this situation. There are factors for this alarming situation.

The first factor in this term seems responsible is the electronic media. We see our youngsters are too much indulged in it. For them entertainment is everything that brings fun. Regardless to the fact that what impacts does it leave to their personalities. Our youngsters catch all kinds of phrases or words from the movies and particularly from the songs later they use all kind of these sub-standards words in their daily conversation. Each new cross-border movie unleashes a new stream of such kind of abusive words in the form of any flamboyant-item-number and our kids seem enjoying them. They are even least bothered towards the fact that what actually those words mean for. Words or phrases what were considered the worst-most now a source of joy for them.

Let me remind you the responsibilities that we ought to do but we are too oblivion towards it. Our elders were very aware of it and they definitely worked out for it but what do we do for the correction of our youngsters’ moral upbringing? The answer is nothing!
We hardly have time or say have courage to tell them that what is wrong or right for them. Today’s parents think that the only responsibility is left for the school and they are set free for it but the fact is school or teachers can’t do as much as parents because schools don’t make them watching or  learning such kind of things. The only thing that they teachers do is counseling in manner of moral lectures which needs a vigilant supervision promised by the kids’ parents.

I am also a teacher and observe the same deteriorating situation of language in some of the students. Sometimes, we come across a case from students that simply left us bewildered and compel us thinking that what has happened to the youngsters. It is not a story of one single school be at private or government but the story goes same everywhere. The school management does every possible effort to execute the plans but their all efforts go in vain when the child goes home and watches and learn the same worst kind of language from the cross borders movies with their parents in a cosy living room.

Consequently, a teacher’s moral lecture retains no worth in the presence of parents such kind of tacit consent of watching and listening the stuff that is replenish of abusive words. So as there is no worth remains of the school’s initiative of correcting youngsters’ language. Definitely, there are lots of parents who also take every possible effort to make their kids correct in terms of ethics and language but they also fail as their young kids think that the use of such slang words is a source of pride for them. Moreover, the more they want to boast among their friends and the more their language is corrupted. Many boys’ parents seem complaining about them that the reason for him to use the abusive language is just a matter to show off among his friends.

Now solution can be found for every problem so why can’t for this? As a teacher I would say that one should be very strict in upbringing the kids specially boys. Make them realize the worth of a person who uses neat language and enjoys a very good esteem at all the places. Even giving reference Islamic teachings would be really helpful to make them realize it. No matter you is just a parent or a teacher be the best model of using the neat language for the kids around you.

Entertainment is our kids’ right but tell them it should not come at the cost of their moral getting impaired. Every parent particularly the mother should keep an eye on what kind of language their kids use at home and even among friends. They should even keep a check over their text-language. Also remember that supervision must go in a very friendly manner being harsh would only aggravate the situation.

Language is one of the most beautiful gifts to us by nature and it sounds beautiful when it is used beautifully. Make the kids realize that it is also the best gift that one can give to each other without spending a single penny so select the best manner to use it for the fellows. Giving it a wrong tinge in the name of fun is sheer injustice with it. For us; the elders-there is no late still to correct our kids rather we need to gear up ourselves in order to compensate what has done wrong so far.

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