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Bravo Patriotic Media…Still, Long Way to Go!

“Patriotic media is all set for a key role in shaping a wonderful future of Pakistan. Carry this flag with sincerity, people of Pakistan are hopeful again…Do not stab them ever!!!”

It has been said that media is the fourth column of a state and carries a huge responsibility to represent and defend their nation. The role of media in Pakistan has long been debated specially after the advent of dozens of TV Channels working across the country. We have seen a trend of very irresponsible media coverage with news channels often airing unfiltered news and video clippings. Such negative propagation of country’s situation has made our media the biggest source of humiliation for us internationally; at the same time cause of depression and disparity among masses. Media betrayal has long been discussed and there is a general perspective that our media at large is working against national interests. We very often hear news Millions of Dollars foreign funding to control Pakistan media. However after years of yellow journalism and dirty games of confusing and itching Pakistanis, there seems now a clear line between two types of media. ARY group is leading the way for Patriotic elements of Pakistan media with resistance against negative elements specially GEO/Jang group. While this concrete opposition to Anti-Pakistan elements has created very positive impacts among the nation, I would like to express my fears and reservations to patriotic media elements.

Today we see few media groups starting to pose a positive and true image of Pakistan and now make a clear stand, which was long awaited by people of Pakistan. Especially when we talk about sensitive issues like terrorism and internal chaos faced by Pakistan society over the time. These sections of Media have now become heroes in the eyes of a common Pakistani. Especially after the huge success of a Pakistani blockbuster movie WAAR, amazingly you see the whole nation standing and supporting the movie like a rock. I see bigger and far greater prospects behind the success of WAAR.

I had a chance of watching this movie few days back in Doha. It was a real treat to see Pakistanis coming out of their homes and watching the movie with sheer passion. Thoroughly enjoyed the film, which surely is an untiring effort by some dedicated people. I think the main reason behind the success of this movie is the concept and Pakistani view point of current situation which was never shown before. This movie gives the viewers an idea of what Pakistan society is going though while facing an undeclared ongoing war. The scenario which our forces face during ongoing operations and their dedication to Pak-Sarzameen is very well depicted and awakes the patriot sleeping in every Pakistani.

Mubashir Luqman at the other hand coming up with crispy pro-Pakistani punches; be it getting a stay order against Indian movies or exposing the GEO every now and then. Worthy to mention names of Nawa-i-Waqt group and Din news(specially their program Debate with Zaid Hamid giving a critical/righteous Analysis against wrong Govt. policies); seem to be carrying Pakistan flag when it needed them the most. They deserves due appreciation for their sincere efforts. Mentioned names and other such elements have a long way to go as need to they need to fill huge holes dig by some irresponsible and opportunist people. Then we see example of Sheikh Rasheed, it was the same Sheikh Rasheed few years back and he was just like any another typical politician famous mainly for his own style of wit. Now with his open stance and bold pro-Pakistan expression, News program carrying him bloom in all ratings. This is only because of his open and clear stance on national issues.

After getting Success, appreciation and respect, above elements in patriotic media groups must realize that their success is mainly because on presenting Genuine Pakistani concepts and people see them defending nation’s perspective. They are gaining attention and fame because of the flag and concept they carry, not because they are super-Humans. They are ascending today because they represented true feelings of people. WAAR-2 will only get successful if it carries same passion and will during its making. This is worthy to mention because in the wave of fame, sometimes people are carried away and falls in deep ditches.

I can give many examples where our heroes disappointed/ditched us. Almost every Pakistan ruler wants to stick to the Power Chair forever and gets humiliated ultimately. Contrary, we see shining examples of Nelson Mandela (South Africa) and Mahatir Muhammad (Malaysia) who stepped down at such time when they could continue governing their countries. Especially the regard and honor that Mandela carried on his death lately is just blazing. Coming back, we see the example of Dr Abdul Qadir Khan and his recent attitude Yeh meri technology hai , yeh mera bomb ha and so on bla bla he seem to demand attention and self propagation all the time, at least lost respect a great deal in my eyes and many others. We see Ex. Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudry disappointing the whole nation who stood by him after he was forced back home. Nation placed him back on his seat in 2008 and what a shame, he failed to device equal justice for all Pakistanis. Hundreds of terrorists got released in his era due to loop holes in our judiciary system to again nail us from all sides. Then we see Injections to nation by some of our cricketers lately Salman Butt and Co. did it. They not only fell down, but shocked and ashamed whole nation after building so many hopes.

WAAR and few positive things happening in Pak media were the driving forces behind this article. The sole purpose being that I fear for Patriotic media’s future, like many heroes of Pakistan failed to maintain their position and respect among masses. Groups of positive media have a great responsibility and role to play. If this all proved out to be yet another dismay, I am not sure then will be any time for this confidence revival. I pray that all this opposition to negative media is Genuine and not due to some personal clash. You need to be very careful; people do not love the faces of people in WAAR. These are mostly same actors working for many years in industry. In fact, people responded to the very concept of this movie that is so close to their hearts. So you should get the essence behind overwhelming public response and keep focusing on country.

WAAR end on such a High note when Mujtaba (Shaan) says: “As long as history will be written by hunters, lions shall never be glorified”. So dear media: “It’s up to you Guys now to glorify our Lions”. Carry this flag with sincerity, people of Pakistan are hopeful again with patriotic media…Do not stab them ever!!!


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