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Pre-election pledges, post-election shocks!

A common man’s question pertaining to general elections is simple and easy to comprehend: whether the newly-elected leaders commit to the pre-election pledges or those promises made to the public during electioneering slowly and gradually turn into post-election shocks.

During an election campaign the state of mind or psychology of a political leader or party is, generally, if not always, one which seems and sounds promising to the extent of being hypnotic, even hysterical aimed at literally sweeping and hijacking the vote bank away.

Even when party manifesto and political agenda of a political party may truly be public-oriented, behind the psychology of mesmerizing promises a political leader’s ego, self, power and money interests may also be at stake and that he may not compromise even with false promises.

Dancing and chanting to the tune of slogans and slogan mongering are leaders and party workers promising their hearts out such commitments that have rarely been delivered in the past.

It is exactly when pre-election pledges of leadership become post-election shocks for the public.

Leaders, while recalling pre-election promises, are unable to deliver them due to out-of-control party entanglements, opponents’ mud-slinging, economic deterioration, law and order situation and international pressures, gradually losing public trust and confidence.

The point is not that the leaders are unable to deliver what they promise to the public.

They may deliver to a certain extent indeed. But the question is whether they deliver promises with the same vim, vigor and vitality and with the same facts and figures which they have pledged to the masses.

However, the public continues to think positively and vote with high expectations and as a national duty. Whatever goes on with elections, promises and accountability goes on indeed. But people themselves have to think and act in terms of a change or revolution from within.

Innovating, promising and delivering the spirit of self-confidence, self-actualization and self-reliance through education, media and communication are the greatest gifts our leaders can promise, emulate themselves and deliver to the public towards a better and brighter Pakistan.

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