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Respect The Roses!

While looking at the words above, one might just limit it to the caring of flowers or any of the thing that serves to make our surrounding utterly beautiful, provided to us by the nature, may it be trees, plants, buds or others but, did we ever, in actual, take notice of ALL the things as we call the gift of nature, that must also be marked under the title of nature?

NO, certainly NOT.

Our thinking is occupied only till what we read. We never care to think in deep.

We were told many of the stories that occurred in actual. One of them is related to the fact of “SEEING, SEES LITTLE” and unfortunately, YES!

We all can relate to this, most of us can, including me and you.

Here, and at many other places, the meaning of a word is restricted to just what we are reading, we don’t try to feel the words, we never really try to disseminate it or to expand it.

The word rose surely reminds us all, about those red, pink yellow, white or even black beauties, soft petals, pleasant smell, the thorns of course and the satisfaction and relaxation we get after feeling all these things.

A flower with all the best qualities, yet still having thorns, no doubt deserves the care and respect as mentioned above.. and so does the people living around us, let them be teenagers, olds, adults, men, women, those suffering from a illness, those who are capable of doing and achieving anything they want or kids.

Just as a Rose that is beautiful but can also harm you by its thorns, these people you call cruel or heartless also holds a soft side that is hidden from all of us.

The kids we stop caring about thinking they can handle the world, we can easily neglect them but, they are the roses that need your respect.

The word rose is referred to the ill who is near to death, we can not stop the things from happening but we can help them, if we only know how much a simple act of kindness, how much a small smile and glowing eyes can heal them.

It is every parent who lost their child and every child who lost his parents.

The old who has lost the hope of living and is preparing for death only.

It is every person who lost trust and have given up on themselves. The world is as beautiful as a field of roses and everyone is a rose, everyone is equal and everyone deserves to be loved equally.

If we can ignore the fact that roses have thorns and enjoy the sight and everything that a rose offers us, why can’t we ignore the bad things in the world and appreciate the good things around?

If we can’t hate a rose for its thorns can hurt us, why do we hate people for not being able to satisfy us? For not being able to make us smile? Why do we always stay away from people thinking they can be a cause of stress and problems for us? Why are we always scared of giving them a chance? don’t we gently hold a rose with our fingers, making way by fitting them on the stem or don’t we try breaking those thrones? We are intelligent enough to adjust ourselves with them but not with the people who are just like us.

These different colors of roses never force us to discriminate because they all smell the same but, we can easily discriminate on the basis of skin colors and races.

Why don’t we consider everything, before making a mindset? Before starting to hate someone? Why don’t we try to see the brighter side of everything before making a decision? If we start thinking deep, things will start changing. If we stop being negative and be real everything will turn positive. If we keep our differences aside and start thinking about people, life will be a lot easier for us and for those who are struggling more than us.

Next time when you see “please respect the roses!” written in front of a field, don’t JUST only walk by without plucking a flower.

Instead, stand and consider everything that is just like these delicate roses. If you can walk by a field without harming a flower because you read a sign board, you can also care and respect people by reading those same words, because they indeed, are like roses.

You can also accept them with all their flaws, you can also adjust with them no matter what race they belong to, you can love them without expecting love in return and you can spread positivity around by just smiling at them. So, if someone tells you to take care, take care of everything that is in notice, you’ll be fine surely because when you seek only to give, that the exact time when you start receiving.

You will receive satisfaction and contentment and yes! The favors of the Almighty.


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