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All the wrong questions

Why this 25th July is different from all other 25th Julies I was trying myself to stop to write until the next series of unfortunate events happens …but then I thought “Why this 25th July is different from all other 25th Julies”

If you have faint heart then you shouldn’t read the lines I am going to write..

There must be & will be the wrong questions needed to be answered..

For ease I can categorize them.

If you are going to be guardian (if you have read the previous blog) then you must know about Guardians & Orphans) then questions you have would be ….Why my ex-wife is writing a book? why my party is not winning as it should be?

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Why  I am being framed each time ?  Why my pet dog has to leave my house? and  if you are guardian for 30 years the you don’t need to think about wrong questions these are all around you & inside you & always ‘ll be there  “Mujhy Kyun Nikala?

“Tum kon hotay ho bhi mujh say puchnay walay ? tumhain Kiya agar meray asasay meri amdan say ziada hain? & last but not least “KHALAI  MAKHLOOQ”? and still if you have served as a guardian for a decade the questions could “who killed my wife? Why my only son is talking more womanish? How I always won?

I can imagine how you feel after reading all these wrong questions they shouldn’t be asked because you know what answers could be, it definite ‘ll be more wrong than the questions .

Well these  may be the top most wrong questions right now but there are some other wrong questions also  let me fill some blanks …Suppose there is a secret organization we can call it V.F. D (stands for Very Fine Department), this organization is so secret that even people working in it don’t know that it’s secret organization.

This Organization has it’s agents every where in this country… they are walking  among us in the streets ,sitting besides us in the waiting rooms , laughing with  us in front of TV ,even living with us sleeping beside our beds watching our every move . …

This so called VFD has also published a secrete book or manual this book has different meaning for each  sector of society from religious followers to so-called liberals …form social media toddler teams to ….I don’t who else is there ….

According to this book they are the one responsible for ruing things smoothly and keeping the ducks in row without this organization the existence of this very country, nation ,religion, society ,customs, ethics , economy , even the cloths you wear the food you ate the place you live the education you get the job you do ..wouldn’t be possible if they don’t exist. ..

You ,me and every one exists because they exist …

The purpose of writing all this boring stuff is to find out who’s behind all these wrong questions? What if VFD is the one which causes the trouble to create these questions?

What if instead of making things right they are destroying it? What if all the previous destruction & what’s happening right is the consequence of their actions what we all are facing are right now?

But as I have already discussed these are all wrong questions they couldn’t get the right answers ….

Even the Orphan population increasing day by day asking the similar wrong questions …Why my leader couldn’t present the receipts in court …

How teen -ages could become billionaires?

Why each time I have to be line for both vote & for “water” Why I am not drinking clean water?

Why my children are not getting good health & education. Why my earning is not increasing? Why Bhutto is still alive while people are dying daily? Why my leader is marrying third time in this age while he needs more concentration on party matters?

Where is Park lane?  Why I don’t have any property in London while every one does?

Well for this time only my theories are simple & me, myself has lot of wrong questions  been circling around …what if there is not such thing as democracy, it’s a hoax of rich people to play with poor…

What if there is no such thing as Very Fine Department & the people or departments claiming

“They are here to do right things “are actually the one doing it wrong? What if things going bad started getting worse ….What will happen after this 25th July?

Responsibility is the word we often use in routine but very few are left to understand it’s true meaning what if whatever happens after the 25th July is the consequence of our action.

What if instead of VFD every individual on this occasion is responsible for what happens next? What if every wrong question has the most rightful answer waling in front of us ? what if…?

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