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Communication: The Key To Success

‘If all my possessions were taken from me with one exception I would hope to keep my power of communication for by it i would regain all the rest’- Daniel Webster

If everything is taken from a person except the most important thing, the tool of communication, he can still win it all back.

The ability to say, express and be in a situation as you feel like it, to make an outcome to your perception is a great tool.

Here is how you can master the art.

Choose your words wisely 

Phonetics speak loudly for themselves, a word of wonderment does more good to an organised manner of speaking than any would be done by an enraged manner of communication, that will fall deaf on the ears of the person in question.

The ability to talk, the quality and nature of speech itself gives credibility to the narrator.

Without knowing the refined nature of speech is like having a gem covered in coal, but having this gem cut to perfection after applying high pressure with careful artistry the resultant stone can be worth a million.

Hence the art of communication is knowing how to walk the road to the goal one wants to, for without walking no road could be traversed.

What’s The Biggest Communication Problem?

The problem that plagues relationships it that; people listen solely with the intent of reply and getting a select problem in question done as soon as possible, rather than concentrating on the value that it possesses and focusing on the demands of the concerned people, causing problems.

When a problem is listened to carefully, assessed and then taken care of, the resultant outcome is amazingly better.

The foundation stone of fallacies result in factors that take beyond what the problem is and entangle so, like a ball of yarn so intertwined, the end and beginning is lost in between, when the demand, the question, the need itself of the conversation is not identified in the first place.

Hence this is refers to as the biggest problem in communication, the absence of it entirely.

Why Learn Communication?

Self realization, knowing oneself, one’s merits and demerits and working henceforth from that realization, to attain a selective means of end, this truly is the epitome of business, knowing how one stands in a specific argument and taking that select situation and projecting one’s own image on to it, forming it in the manner it needs to be, hence reaching a goal with minimum effort, by making known with whom the dealing is being done with.

Communication is a congregation of words sugar coated and expressed in a manner that simple speech has value, enabling one to connect at a human level.

Communication helps in developing healthy relationships which is the key to all future successes.

An alliance, friendship so to speak adds more cleverness to an argument than imagined beforehand, to know the opponent is to win the battle but to win the opponent is to win it all.

A friendly manner achieves ends that even the most skilled tacticians fail at.

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