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It’s easy to quit smoking

“The biggest benefit of smoking is that you don’t get old…..it’s because you die young”

According to a study, young adults (aged 18–25 years) represent the highest risk group for smoking, with 35.7% reporting having smoked cigarettes in the past 30 days.

Reasons to smoke vary from person to person, physically as well as mentally.

Some find it a fun activity whereas others smoke occasionally while other are addicted to it.

There also exist a group which smokes because just people around them are smoking.

Many people especially youth brand smoking as a “stress relieving activity”.

Among the 4000 chemicals found in tobacco, one is the nicotine.

Chemically similar to caffeine and cocaine, it is a highly addictive drug and it can reach the brain merely in 10 seconds.

What happens is that it simply activates the circuitry of brain and for a short term regulates feeling of pleasure, improves mood as well as reduces stress and anger.

But when it is consumed in a high amount and regularly for a long term, the smoker’s body became acclimatize to it.

Consequently when smokers can’t find a chance to smoke they become more prone to experience anxiety and become impatient.

A new and modified forms is e-cigarette and juuling.

Because of added seductive flavors, electronic cigarette/vape, has become increasingly fashionable in teenagers,even juvenile and immature have embraced this trend.

For depressed people, smoking seems a “supreme cure” of paramount importance.

In daily life we come across a lot of people who smoke and when asked the most common answer is that they are tensed/stressed. The situation is only vice-versa.

Smoking is not dangerous to those who smoke but also for those who are exposed to it.

The irony is every single packet of cigarette mentions that “smoking causes mouth cancer” and still buyers buy and sellers sell this toxic venom.

“You are a fool if you think smoking is cool”

Here is how  you can quit

One should learn to love one’s own-self first, know thy worth and realize that breathing better is a better choice than to look better.

Once you quit smoking , there are benefits but some factors might bother you.

Most common are mood swings, a feeling of constant anxiety and strained nerves, temporary insomnia and sometimes mild headaches.

These are immediate but temporary effects.

But in long term your physical fitness will improve, your mouth odour will change, and the plague due to smoking will gradually fade away.

You will become socially more confident, will not be guilty of smoking, an upgraded sense of self esteem.

Last but not the least-you can save your money and spend it for meaningful purposes.

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