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The logical meaning of this word in law is, “According to or concerned with the laws of a country” or “an agreement/contract enforceable at law”.

But we hardly remember this meaning in our daily life. The only meaning we associate with this word is of, “A relative by marriage.”

Across the globe marriage is termed as a legal contract. It is incorporated in accordance to the laws of Shariah or Court of the country.

This contract starts with the mutual acceptance of two families who want their children to get settled or married. Then it concludes in the form of Nikah/ Marriage certificate/Ritual, in the form of legal document mutually signed by the bride groom and their respective family members.

With the completion of nikah both the families introduce their new family members as Daughter in Law (Bahu) or son in law (Dammad). Similarly the girl / boy introduce his new parents as Mother/Father in laws (Saas/Susar), and the list goes on.

The problem starts when the in-laws become out laws. They start behaving in a manner where laws are out ruled. They fail to understand that this relation also has rules that need to be followed too.

The disrespect of in laws relation happens across the globe.

It starts with the mother in law making her daughter in law’s life miserable by backbiting. She fulfills her job by starting with her son with a never ending list. Similarly daughter in law does the same.

Finally it results in a relation where hatred gets the biggest room. People who joined in a contract for a good life changes into hatred filled life.

Marriage is the only contract where the people violating are never punished. In some cases the boy and girl are punished and sometimes parents have to bear the punishment. It is a two sided loss for either of them. People who create problems always fail to realize their mistakes, and start blame game.

If the term INLAWS is treated in the same manner of law with its true virtue, less problems are bound to happen.

A mother pinpointing her daughter in the rudest way also gets objection then why a daughter in law’s objection made an issue.

Pinpointing, commenting is a two sided sword creating damage at both ends.

The blood relations are the ones that stay till the end no matter how they are dealt. Adding in little extra effort with in-laws we can maintain a healthy relation resulting in a strong bond.

To quote, A few nice words can help a person a lot more than you think.

It’s in our hand to make a relation progressive or conservative. We only need to change our mind set by accepting the importance of every person and their relation.

As a nation we have revolutionized our selves but in this particular aspect we still lack behind.

It’s not about two families or two people who deserve respect and love rather it is the whole setup where we need to bring in the change, to be called MODERN.

“Home is where you treat your friends like family and And your family like Friends”

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