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Challenges for Pakistan’s next government

Elections are announced and we all have our hopes high!

In my eyes, voting in Pakistan is never about “new” or old Pakistan but is always about better Pakistan, a country where we and our generations can imagine their  futures.

Because we strive for  healthy and safe lives, we vote for the person who promises all of these. Apart from whoever will be selected these would be some of the main challenges for the new government.

Basic necessities of life (food, shelter and clothing)

Every Pakistani has the right to enjoy basic necessities of life but in Pakistan about 78% population is forced to drink dirty and polluted water but now we are hearing that these water resources too are getting dried and Pakistan is on the brink of facing serious water shortage.

Provision of health facilities is a major problem as hospital are overcrowded and not affordable for patients and due to lack of employment it’s hard for many people to earn both ends meal.

Employment opportunities, construction of free hospitals and dams can help reduce these problems.


Pakistan, being an under developed country, is facing poverty and about 38% Pakistanis lives under extreme poverty while 58% rural population live in acute poverty.

Local and foreign investment in Pakistan should be increased to overcome this problem and to improve living standard of public.


Pakistan has high illiteracy rate about 58% of its population is considered as Illiterate. And about 22 million children are out of school which is the main reason why Pakistan is still underdeveloped.

Education awareness campaigns and free single standard schooling can help in this case.

Unemployment: There is limited supply of jobs than that of skilled graduates which is causing brain drain and increase in crime rate.

Increasing number of jobs can help to get over this problem.


Pakistan is going through security crisis which is causing huge loss to it. Boarders security improvement can help in this matter.

Price instability

Since day one Pakistan is facing price instability problem due to which inflation is highly effecting its economy. Proper implementation of improved fiscal and monetary policy which help in price stability.


It is basically the root of every problem which is the main obstacle in the way of growth and development of Pakistan and its economy. Accountability at each level will help in elimination of corruption from our society.

Basically, Pakistan is stuck in a vicious circle of problems but these problems are interlinked and solving one problem helps other problem.

So, proper leadership, planning and maximum utilization of available resources will help us overcome these problems and only the leader with the ability to do this can effectively govern the country.

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