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Role of Books in Era of Information Technology!

“Book reading is a dying Habit in our society that surely needs Attention/Revival”

In this era of information storming when almost you can get anything and everything with a finger touch (via internet), debate on importance of books keeps itself alive. While the advent of Information technology and social media has changed the face of our society, we need to seriously think of what are our gains and losses in today’s world? The focus should be on reviving those habits which were our trademark someday…

Keeping aside books during your bedtime is an irreplaceable experience. Book reading just before going asleep keeps your focus in- tact and allows you to develop a high level of concentration. Especially in today’s fast moving world where patience and depth among people are rare to find. We often see people disturbed and complain of lacking focus. In my point of view these issues are a result of materialism and over involving in technology rather than sparing some time for nature/conventional ways. As one of remedies, I would highly recommend all to get companionship of books.

Getting knowledge via books remains a main element along with a great pastime which blossoms our lives in many ways. When we see developed and cultured nations of the world, we found that they keep books very dear to them. Even during excursion and outdoors where WE Desi’s are enjoy the party full time, these people still finds out some time to read books. One of my friends residing in Canada told me that there is a culture to go countryside and enjoy the books in peace and calmness. And many people specially plan this for their vacations. This difference of attitude is greatly visible in our understanding levels within other spares of life as well.

Reading books enriches your personality with calmness and balance which helps you in the real life as well. These days, people are more attracted towards visual things e.g. videos and documentaries available Online on different topics because it seems to be much more attractive and easygoing. Advent of different sort of electronic notebooks & smart-phones has also paved a gap between books and people tend to read on these gadgets. But I think that feel and impression which is developed by reading paper books can not be achieved in any other way. The reason is that when you read books, there is a much more powerful connection between you and writer with a high conveyance level. Flipping on pages and reading the message in solitude provide such enrichment that a reader carries with him/her and which is reflected in his actions as well. Moreover, the gains while physically reading paper books are long-lasting and durable as compared to other ways of reading.

A very humorous joke comes in my mind at this moment when the popularity of computers and internet were heading towards their peak and online books were gaining fondness. It was largely the time of desktops. “One man was proudly saying to the other that the era of books is over as now everything is available on internet and computer. The other man laughed and spontaneously replied; “you can not just take computer to your bed for reading an online book, you have to take a book for a real experience”… Still today, with multiple function smart-phones, smaller size display gadgets and ease of use; that sense of achievement of this classical habit of book reading can never be achieved.

Difference between reading paper books and visual study is like the difference between cooked food in steel pots on electric stoves and conventionally cooked food in mud pots on real-time fire. Many people prefer/regard the later as there is a very fine line of finishing/pep tide that is worth enjoying…

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