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United we stand, Divide we fall…

“If we want to be together and can display Unity in Patches, so why obey theories of conflict???”

 We have lately witnessed a very tragic incident on 10th Muharram in Rawalpindi-Pakistan in which groups of people involved in a clash when the spark of sectarianism was ignited. Not only fought each other but also damaging businesses of common people who have nothing to do with that given scenario. People are angry on the incident they want justice for sufferers and punishment for the people responsible for this incident. And the aftermaths of that event, tension remained within the nation, strikes and hot debates etc. A pity to see a nation in such a messed-up situation which was created on the very concept of two nation theory. We evolved as one nation who was beloved having their own ways different from Hindus of United India. And a nation that carried the trademark and all ingredients of nationhood. A real Pity!!!

“Hold fast to the Rope of Allah, all of you together and do not separate”…

is the point where we started and now standing like nowhere and no direction. At one place, living in an era which claims huge advancements in science and technology, tolerance & civilization with such ignorance at the other place. There is something seriously wrong out here, serious issues.

Sometimes I feel, if we could spent the same amount of time and effort (which we waste in finding and blowing our differences) in our common interests, what would happen? Want to share an event witnessed sometime back. It was the third year of my University in 2005. One fine day, I was getting ready for my practical lab classes with my classmates. Arrangement of Lab Classes was such that the labs were lined up in a sequence and open grassy spaces were located just outside the buildings at regular intervals. Different trees were situated and pots of water and Bajra (Pearl Millet) for birds placed here and there. Just for a moment it was all silent and complete peace in the environment. I felt something different was happening in that moment. I observed and saw there were fewer students in the vicinity and a vacuum free from noise, what an amazing sight. Different birds like Sparrow, Dove and Myna all were gathered in a very close space and each one was eating something. Little Squirrels jumping around every now and then. The striking thing was that none of them were notching each other and were just eating calmly. Just for a moment I thought what special thing lies in that situation, why there birds who are different from each other bearing each other so easily? Instantly the reply came in my mind, Common Interest, that moment calls to eat and not to mess with each other and they were doing exactly the same. And YOU & ME goodness me, cannot we find common interest, things and ways which are not conflicting with each other???Yes we can, and I can give very concrete examples for that.

When you watch a cricket match, the whole nation becomes united and each and everyone commenting on the team’s situation with full interest. Regardless of any division, people prays for Pakistan team altogether. Celebration of famous Cricket world cups victories, what do they tell us? People gathering around each other in natural calamities like earthquakes and floods, forgetting all the differences. When I recall the spirit of people and their sacrifices during the worst earthquake in 2005 and compare it with today’s situation I feel very sorry. Can’t we display same integrity all the time?

Even in common masses nobody wants conflict, majority wishes to get peace to keep them going at a reasonable pace. When you are following your leadership (Or so called leadership) you have to be very careful to what they say and intentions behind that. The one who is spreading Hate and divide can never be our friend; surely…Such people are negating our very ideological foundations of One Islamic nation and deserve a different treatment. When we turn back to pages of history, we see that even the greatest of Imam’s in Islam had some differences with each other but they never paved ways of conflict to each other’s followers. What does this teach us? That we should not blindly follow the path of hate and direct conflict just on the prompt of anyone. Otherwise tragedies like Rawalpindi will continue to happen.

Difference of thinking and difference of opinion can be there in even a small household family. But if the family members start fighting up each other, they will be ending destroying their own home. Pakistan is our home and only shelter when all shelters are gone. People should be mature enough to focus on our common interests and ignore differences especially in today’s situation. Fighting on differences will only benefit our enemies who never wanted Pakistan to be created and prosper in any way.

Last but not least “Hold fast to the Rope of Allah, all of you together and do not separate” this is the only way we can survive and move forward towards achieving some pride in this world and peace hereafter…

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