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Worst movies of top Hollywood actors

Despite having the best talent managers and strongest professional networks in film industry, some of the world’s most accomplished actors have starred in some movies rated to be much below par than expected.

Though the movies were produced keeping in view the expectations of the cine-goers but bombed badly.

The following films belong to a category that their production teams along with the actors would  prefer to forget.

Dirty Grandpa (2016)

Starring Robert De Niro and Zac Efron, the movie has little more than shock value to offer its viewers. Though its stars have undeniable onscreen chemistry, its desperate attempts to get cheap laughs coupled with its lack of character development make it laughable in the most negative sense.

Mother’s Day (2016)

From the same director who gave movies such as New Year’s Eve that Rolling Stone described as bad beyond belief, Mother’s Day is yet another multi-narrative holiday movie flop.

This time, director Garry Marshall decided to bring Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, and Jason Sudeikis along for the dizzying, tropey ride but failed to make any mark.

Mortdecai (2015)

This clumsy comedic take on British spy movies falls flat demonstrating that Johnny Depp can be surprisingly unfunny while Gwyneth Paltrow remains unsurprisingly insufferable.

However unfortunate for both Depp and Paltrow, no cover-up will ever allow us to forget this film.

Movie 43 (2013)

The movie boasted a laundry list of wellknown actors, including Hugh Jackman, Emma Stone, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, Gerard Butler, and Kristen Bell, among others.

The fact that the movie’s single selling point is its big name cast so much so that its creators could not be bothered to give the movie a name, tells  you everything you need to know about this painfully drawn-out series of shorts.

Jack and Jill (2011)

Starring Adam Sandler and Adam Sandler as identical twins Jack and Jill, this movie could only have gone one way: downhill. The film represents what one can only hope is the lowest point of Adam Sandler’s; it is hard to believe that Al Pacino agreed to make an appearance.

Catwoman (2004)

No one can deny that Halle Berry is a fantastic actor, and that extends to her performance in Catwoman but it was nowhere near enough to salvage the movies.

The movie’s terrible computer-generated imagery (CGI) and ridiculous overacting might only be rivaled by Tom Hooper’s Cats.

It’s All About Love (2003)

Claire Danes, Joaquin Phoenix, and Sean Penn star in this incoherent, dystopian sci-fi thriller. The movie is described as a cringing romance that fails to spin into a political allegory.

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