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PTI struggling on debut in KPK

People of Pakistan voted Imran Khan for change in the country. They voted PTI just because of Imran Khan, it is not surprising because Khan had shown them dream of Naya Pakistan and before the elections he promised in fact he challenged that he will change the fate of this country within 90 days. He was giving an impression as if he has all the plans in mind and the only thing he need is vote in general elections.

Youth of Pakistan who always consider Khan as a hero voted for PTI on 11th May. It was not easy to impress the youth of Pakistan but Imran Khan managed to do so .Imran Khan really has a charming personality to impress anyone on the planet but he worked really hard for that Election campaign. I must say his speeches and the naghmas he played during the jalsas attracted millions of people and then those millions voted for him on 11th may.

I supported Imran Khan for general elections and I really wanted to see him as prime minister. Even though Imran khan got millions of vote but only manages to win 35-40 seats in National Assembly. Though he got a chance to form government in KPK.

People of Pakistan especially youth were all very disappointed with the results of elections but now when they will be seeing PTIs performance of about 6 months in KPK they will be feeling much better .

Imran Khan during these 6 months seems to be more worried about Taliban. It seems as if people have elected him to provide security to Taliban. Most of the people do not like this at all. People want him to work for their betterment instead of Taliban. It looks a like as if Imran Khan has forgotten all the promises he made in josh e khitibat during the election campaign and this really is heartbreaking for his voters especially those of KPK .

The government in centre seems moving but in KPK its silence all over apart from bomb explosions every day. KPK government is waiting for every action to be taken by the Federal government whether its law and order, or drones. The government in KPK doesn’t seem active and performing.

The way PTI has worked so far is telling us that they have failed to deliver and may will not be able to deliver in future either. It very easy to predict PTI’s future, if we look at the internal rifts among Pakistan Movement for Justice Party (PTI) top slot workers, confused government in KPK, controversial statements and U-turns of leadership.

The way PTI has worked so far one can easily Predict that Imran Khan’s PTI is at a risk of complete failure in KPK and that would be a great disappointment for his followers who trusted him . I can tell if PTI will not improve in future days they will have to suffer too much in next election as PPP did in this year’s elections and it won’t be a surprise at all .

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