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Money Heist Season 5 review

ALERT: This write-up contains spoilers

Money Heist Season 5 came to an end with the fans shocked by its main character Tokyo’s death

Money Heist Season 5 came to an end with the fans shocked by its main character Tokyo’s death.

The fans were waiting to watch what unfolds after season four ended with a bang. The trailer showed the Professor’s (Álvaro Morte) gang going on a full out war against the  Spanish Army. This instalment lived up to the expectations.

The fans were making speculations and theories about her but no one thought that the character of Úrsula Corberó would die.

Fans, included me, were certain that Tokyo will survive as she was narrating the story but we were proved wrong. Before the fifth season aired, some thought that her narration is a court hearing that will give enough time for the gang to escape from the Bank of Spain with the gold.

After the Money Heist season 5 ended, it dawned on me that her flashbacks about her dead boyfriend, joining the team, the start of her love life with Rio (Miguel Herrán) and conversation with her deceased best friend Nairobi had hinted at her death. I had first thought that it was just a background look of the character.

Perhaps, the fifth season have told us that flashbacks of each character – whether it be of Berlin (Pedro Alonso), Moscow (Paco Tous) or Nairobi (Alba Flores), predicts something is about to happen to them or they will die.

In the Money Heist season 2, we saw Berlin —who was terminally ill— sacrificing his life to help the gang escape from the Royal Mint of Spain. Tokyo does the same by giving her own life.

It is to be noted that she was Berlin’s first pick when choosing the gang members. Berlin was fascinated by her criminal tactics and ultimately the duo went down in a blaze of glory.

The Professor, on the other hand, was against it as he believed that she was too dangerous. However, their bond continued to develop and Tokyo then called him her “Guardian Angel”.

Tokyo had received flak from the fans for being impulsive, hot-headed and selfish. However, we got to see her character’s emotional and personality grow by each episode.

The way they showed Tokyo’s death was top-notch. We were kept to wait as she was first shot by snipers, then being riddled by bullets that were fired by the military soldiers – and the Bank of Spain’s chief of security César Gandía (José Manuel Poga) – with the revolutionary song named “Grandola Vila Morena” by Cecilia Krul playing the background.

Arturo Roman (Enrique Arce) is thought of as the Money Heist’s most despicable character but Poga’s character, who killed Nairobi in season 4 and gloats about it afterwards, took it to a whole new level. He, who is not a hypocrite like Arturo, really enjoys hurting people and does it with a smile on his face.

It was the calm before the storm. She was laying on the floor as he approached her with a smile on his face, before pointing his pistol on her head, to finish it once and for all.

His grin disappears when he notices that Tokyo has pulled the pins of all the grenades on her chest. She gives him a wink before the suicide explosion takes place, killing herself, the bank’s security chief and taking down the soldiers with her.

The speculations of Tokyo and Gandia being still alive can be ruled out as they were wearing grenade belts on their chest. An explosion of such intensity will not let them survive.

The expressions and dialogues of Money Heist season 5 were top notches as well. The scene where everyone is shocked and crying — especially Rio and the Professor — makes the audience feel sad and tearful for the protagonists.

There are amazing quotes from the show. Whether it be Denver (Jamie Lorente) calling Tokyo his sister or Nairobi sharing her philosophy about death and friendship and Tokyo talking to Manila (Belén Cuesta) about her romantic feelings towards Denver. They are perfect for using it as your status and tweets on social media.

Tokyo telling Professor that he was his guardian angel and now it’s time for her to be his has also left fans feeling sad.

It is to be noted that all parties involved in the matter have trust issues and want others to follow their path especially the Spanish government and the military. Some members of the gang continue to beat Gandia for killing Nairobi despite the second in command of Professor’s gang Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) instructing them not to do so.

However, the Spanish forces are least concerned about the events taking place and they look out for each other because of their close bond.

The soldiers, on the other hand, are clearly not welcoming towards Gandia in their team because of his knack of getting frustrated, which nearly gets them killed.

They told him that they would not hesitate to kill him if he resorts to his own tactics instead of theirs.

As far as the direction of the action scenes is concerned, the close camera shots are the most used whether it be a dramatic moment or gunfights.

However, there are some pros and cons when it came to character development. Manila confessing her love to Denver and claiming that Stockholm (Esther Acebo) was not his true love was a surprise and highlighted the feelings they have for each other.

Arturo gets his stupidity level increased as he tries to kill the entire gang along with the hostages because of his personal vendetta against Denver.

Stockholm finally gets back at Arturo, who once against try to weasel his way out of his sticky predicament. She shoots him and he is in critical condition.

Her fate is uncertain as well because she takes an injection for getting rid of the hallucinations about the former director of the mint.

She gets an earful from Denver before when she says that joining the mistake may have been a mistake for her as she has a child who needs care.

Fernando Cayo’s character Colonel Luis Tomayo becomes more desperate and cowardly as each episode increases. He wants them killed at every cost even if it takes falsifying documents and framing the gang for terrorism.

Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri), as expected, may be joining the Professor’s team after all as he helped deliver her baby.

Money Heist Season 5 shows the harsh reality that we have to remain ready for a sudden tragedy that may happen. Tokyo’s death along with those of Nairobi, Moscow and Oslo (Roberto García Ruiz) really proved it.

If we sum up the Money Heist Season 5, it is worth a watch for the fans but there are some flaws which are not that notable. Let’s see what the finale has in store for us as the gang deals with the shock death of a close one.

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