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Money Heist: Flashback to the show’s best moments

Here are some of the best moments from the hit Netflix show

The much anticipated fifth season of the hugely popular web show La Casa de Papel, also known as Money Heist, premieres this Friday.

Here are some of the best moments in the show.

1. The RPG scene

The Professor was upset when his second in command Raquel Morillo, also known as Lisbon, gets captured and he gets fooled into believing that she was killed.

On the other hand, Palermo tells him that Nairobi was shot by officials who had lured her by making her take a look at his son Axel.

It sends him in a fit of rage and orders Palermo to use the DEFCON 2 tactic.

The troops – in armoured vehicles – attempt to finish the heist in an armed confrontation. Unknown to them, Tokyo and Rio are going to launch a rocket attack on them. They do so and a vehicle is destroyed, leaving the soldiers engulfed in flames.

2. Professor and Berlin sing Bella Ciao

Bella Ciao is one of the central ideas of the shows as it is all about standing up to invaders.

It gets even better, yet intimidating, when The Professor starts singing at the dinner alongside before Berlin (Pedro Alonso) joins in.

The scene is one of the best moments in the show (Money Heist).

3. Denver’s laugh

Despite Money Heist being a tense show from the start, Denver’s laugh comes as a laughter relief in the crime show. We cannot help but laugh about it whenever it comes.

The actors have tried backstage to mimick Denver’s laugh, even competing among each other as to who can come close in doing it.

4. Tokyo’s Russian Roulette

Tokyo is one of the most hot-headed characters in the show (Money Heist) and is often disliked by fans for her actions that may foil the heist.

She confronts the bank heist’s command Berlin and nearly kills him by playing a Russian Roulette. There is a bullet in her revolver while the remaining five slots are empty.

Berlin survives the entire game but she still wants to shoot him dead by that bullet, despite the team telling her not to do so.

She then goes on to a rant on Nairobi, saying that she was not a good mother and her son Axel will never recognize her again.

7. Arturo gets shot

Arturo Romain, the former mint director turned motivational speaker, is undoubtedly the most despised character.

He first rejects his baby with the bank’s management secretary Monica Gastimbide after an affair with her. He continuously put the lives of the hostages by making them execute his foolish plans instead.

In an attempt to become a hero, he willing enters the bank. He tries to lure Stockholm by saying he wants to see her child. She agrees so but instead, he makes his advances towards her again.

He stoops to the lowest low by giving drugs to female hostages so that he can molest them sexually while they are drugged.

There are two incidents in which he was shot.

In the first season, he gets shot by a police sniper after being mistaken as an abductor. The second one happened in season four when Manila, the gang’s undercover among the hostages, shoots him in the leg after refusing her warning to drop the machine gun.

8. The Missiles

The Professor comes with a brilliant plan of series of strikes to unravel Spain’s state institutions and the security agencies.

He first starts with a funeral for Nairobi. Then, a video gets aired where Rio describes how he was tortured by the institutions in Algeria.

It followed by the posters of him, reading “Buried Alive”, gets posted across the walls.

A video of a man, who tortured Rio, then gets sent to all the journalists that were covering the press conference of Colonel Prieto who was refuting Rio’s statement.

Alicia Sierra, the negotiator whom the officials made a scapegoat, makes matters even worse by saying the government had approved the torture.

Lastly, Lisbon – who was held up inside the tent – for interrogation is taken into custody. She is later freed by another plan made by The Professor.

9. Nairobi’s death

This is one of the most painful moments in the Money Heist’s history for the fans.

After being shot, she recovers before being tortured by Gandia, the bodyguard of the bank’s governor.

He is confronted by the gang, who tells him to release her. He does so but shoots her in the head, killing her point-blank.

Gandia, after he executes Nairobi, goes on to lie about her well-being and how she injured him in a grenade attack

10. Denver confronts Berlin

Denver starts to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome, after refusing Berlin’s orders to shoot Monica, who he marries after season two. He also manages to stop her from doing an abortion.

He fakes killing Monica, before taking her to the vault where he treats her by giving her water and medicines.

Denver also attempts to do surgery for removing the bullet with his father Moscow. However, they get spotted by Nairobi, who joins them for getting her treated.

However, Berlin finds out is not happy with it. A confrontation takes place between the two while the rest of the gang with their guns pointed at the other members who have taken sides.

Berlin puts the gun down and proceeds with the next plan of the heist.

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