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Pakistan Super League: A ray of hope!

When I sit back and observe how many factors are there which unite this country and its people, I can’t think of many.

From conservatives to liberals, from Nawaz Shareef to Imran Khan in politics, even someone like Malala becomes a polarizing figure with pro and anti-camps arguing rigorously on whether she is a role model or not.

Amidst all this doom and gloom, came a ray of light with the name of Pakistan Super League.

Yes, finally we found the missing unifying factor for our nation. Something which we all can call our own, something with which we can relate to and something which can become our identity.

In a world where league tournaments, be it in football, cricket or any other sport, are the talk of the town, we are not left behind in the race.

In the shape of PSL we have got a world-class cricket league featuring top class international players.

PSL, in its three editions, also brought together an array of coaching talent with likes of Viv Richards,Micky Arthur and Tom Moody leading their respective teams.

Even the commentary team has added an extra flavour to the league with Danny Morrison being the star of the show in terms of entertainment.

The combination of all these factors resulted in an intriguing and exciting cricketing torunament, which takes your breath away at times.

Almost every game is a nail biter.

It can be safely said that there is very rarely a dull moment in this tournament.

The spectacular show that they have managed to pull brought the same overwhelming response that they deserved.

The National Stadium of Karachi is the venue of PSL final this year.

Karachi, which was considered as the city of lights, had been badly affected by the political instability in past years.

So imagine the happiness among the natives when they knew that they are going to host the final of the prestigious Pakistan Super League.

Karachiites showed their support and love by buying all the tickets within 15 hours of them going on sale.

In short there are numerous positives. Entertainment, excitement and even the light and enjoyable banter among the supporters of every franchise, with RanaFawad, the owner of Lahore Qalandars being the butt of many jokes.

To his credit though he took it extremely well and gained immense popularity through his generosity and goodwill.

While everything regarding PSL looks rosy and sweet, however there is still a minority of Pakistanis who are not satisfied with the quality of Pakistan Super League. They point to the fact that it is way behind Indian Premiere League, where they can attract even bigger stars.

My answer to all these murmurs is please don’t compare apples to oranges. IPL is currently in its 11th edition with enormous revenues and funded by the BCCI, whic is the richest board in the world. Whereas PSL is in its nascent years, we have just started our journey and will eventually get there one day.

For all those Indians who are trying to degrade our cricket league I will point them to have a look at their soccer league ‘Indian Super League’ and try to compare it with English Premier League. Not a fair comparison, right?

So my message to all Pakistani people is please support PSL as passionately as you are doing.

Don’t forget it has helped a lot in opening the gates for International cricket to return to our country.

And don’t forget the fact that whichever franchise win or lose, the real winner in the end will be Pakistan.

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