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A new pair of shoes can change your life..

Saturday’s are usually lazy in the hostiles as everybody sleeps. Hostile maid knocked my door and handed me the letter.

The letter was from my aunt, who needed me at her place in Lahore. My room’s phone rang. My mom was on line and she told me to start packing and get ready to leave in the evening as my ticket was booked.

I was at the airport. While waiting I saw an amazing woman who looked in her late 20’s, with her four children (as addressed as mom), with different ages. By my idea the ages of her children’s age were between 14-2 years.

I was observing her as she was communicating with her two same aged children about the long wait, while feeding the youngest one with her baby food. Whatever she was doing a smile of satisfaction was on her face which was really amazing me. The way she spoke to her eldest child made me more inquisitive. It looked as a sibling talk.

Our eyes caught and we both smiled at each other. I came and sat beside her she responded well. I asked the babies name she said Nawal, and then introduced her children as Hassan (the eldest), Maheen (the second), Mahir (the third). And then she said I am Sechal.

We started talking about movies books and fashion. While talking I saw she was focused on her children.

The satisfied look on her face was making me wonder how a person can be so contended, as most of the people complain and are unhappy.

I decided to ask her. “If you don’t mind I want to know about your satisfaction with everything around you. How do you manage to be calm (even when her kids fought).This cannot be because you are acting it comes from deep within.”

Sechal laughed, and said” be real.” I said “I am still confused.”

She said “I was like you too in my college days, aggressive, impatient, and unhappy on every matter. With time I learned that the best way to live is be happy and trying to reading between the lines and then move ahead. To quote Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the music is not in the notes, but the silence in between.” By her this statement I knew she was well read. I nodded my head without getting any clue as she was amazing me constantly.

She said” my life has not been bed of roses nor we lived in a dream world of a prince and princess.” We both behaved like real life people trying to live a happy life with the differences we shared. With the passage of time we got used to each other’s differences then came similarities.

Being a woman I tried to compliment my husband with every step he took. Never tried to over shadow him or try to convince him according to my thinking.

Getting acceptance is of primary importance then comes expectation. Years have passed and we both as a couple are deeply contended as we are aware of the pitfalls.

Loving is the second part of nature which we did. We took sacrifice as compromise. And here we are. I enjoyed hearing, it sounded like a real life fairytale.

The call for boarding was made Sechal got busy with her kids and I got up mentally lost and then Maheen came and held my hand and we walked.

We were guided to our seats and I had a seat with her two elder children.

I spoke to her children they were also of the same behavior happy and contended. I asked them about their dad. Hassan replied “he is the cool, friendly and best dad while my mom is strict, loving and friendly.

Whatever my mom says, he says the same the only difference is in the words they use. This makes us feel that “whatever is right is right, and whatever is wrong is wrong no matter how you phrase it.”

Sechal’s face glowed and I could make out it was her husband’s call, and the way she spoke it was music to my ears.

At the arrival gate we hugged and said good byes. I went to my aunt. I turned around and saw Sechal’s with her husband leave.

My aunt asked astonishingly why I am staring at them; I smiled. On my way to aunt house I was thinking about Sechal, how she changed herself for a happier today and tomorrow.

Most people when change things around them complain. Rarely people accept them. Then I realized I did not take their contact numbers which depressed me more.

At the house was surprised to see that my whole family, which surely cheered me up….

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