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Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi

Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi! You must be wondering what I’m trying to say. So, let’s get to the point.

After the success of our first global level product in the shape of Pakistan Super League in any sports, Pakistan is now soon going to witness it’s very own Kabaddi League; named as Super Kabaddi League, in which not only Pakistani but International players are going to perform.


As well know, Kabaddi is not just another sports which is played in Pakistan as adopted by the inventors but it would not be entirely wrong to call it our culture our identity. It is played in every corner at every field in Pakistan.

Regardless of the age, this age has the fan base unmatchable. This is our Kabaddi.

Although it has not been given too much care in recent past and also the athletes don’t get the recognition they deserve but still whenever and wherever our Kabaddi team have gone, they have made us proud especially in Kabaddi World Cups, Pakistan has always been the favourites to win the title.

With this league, Pakistan not only going to show the world that Pakistan is as safe host as anyone else for any sports in the world. We have hosted mega PSL matches, World XI and International Team tours as well including West Indies, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

Super Kabaddi League is going to glamorise the air of Lahore with the chants of Kabaddi! Kabaddi! Kabaddi!

From May 1st, when the opening ceremony and the first match of this season will be played and the tournament will end on the May 10th when the Finale of this year’s season is going to be played.

Super Kabaddi League will have eight teams participating in the tournament battling to dominate one other for one extreme goal to be achieved; to become the Champions of the pilot season. In this year’s edition 120players almost are going to be part of this league belonging to 10 different Nationalities.

According to sources, Kabaddi Super League is the city/region based franchise based model.

It is undoubtedly a great initiative to promote this beautiful sports not only in Pakistan but also around the globe to show what Pakistan is capable of, as a sports enthusiast I’m really looking forward to this League and I’m wishing the organisers all the very best for the very first season.

I hope it becomes another success story to be told. It’s going to be inspiring for many youngsters, these leagues make heroes and heroes made future generation greats. So, All geared up! Let’s begin the fun.

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