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A sorry tale

The third test match between Australia and South Africa was not a normal one, as Australian cricket team was found guilty of attempted ball tampering that was carried out by Cameron Timothy Bancroft .

Captain Steve Smith and vice captain David Warner were also found to be involved and all three received unprecedented lengthy bans from international cricket.

Bancroft has been banned for nine months from international cricket while the ball-tampering plot’s architect David Warner and Captain Steve Smith have been awarded one year suspension from the international cricket .

Cricket – just like other sports- is now more digitally advanced . With cameras recording every movement on field , how these cricketers can get involved in such reprehensible acts is beyond my understanding.

While the culprits have been sanctioned by the International Cricket Council, experts say that it is just a beginning of the fall-out.

British media have ripped into former Australian cricket captain Steve Smith for breaking down at his press conference at Sydney Airport on Thursday after returning to Australia following the ball tampering issue . Smith cried as he extravagantly apologized saying “good people make mistakes.” While I personally am not getting his say on what he has done .

“Captain Cry Baby” , this is how British media has reacted to his press conference .

Cricket stars from around the globe have tweeted their views on the issue .

Rawalpindi Express –Shoaib Akhtar tweeted : “Gutted to see Steve Smith breaking down. And also the way people are treating him. It’s sad, leave that poor chap alone now.”

Ex-South African batsman Herschelle Gibbs tweeted: “Hard scenes watching the interviews. Having been through it all, take it on the chin and live with the consequences but remain true to yourself.”

Former Australia bowler Mitchell Johnson said “Tough to watch Cameron & Steve go through the two statements they just made. They will learn from this and be better in the future I’m sure.”

Ex-England batsman Mark Butcher also posted his views on the matter : “Just watched Smith presser. Hope everybody has had their pound of flesh now.”

Former India batsman Sachin Tendulkar showed sympathy for the Australian trio and requested all cricket fans to give them some space during these hard times .

Millions of cricket fans around the globe watched Smith’s press conference live on social media.

On one hand fans showed sympathetic reactions towards the number one test batsman , while on other captions like “Captain Cry Baby” and “Baby Smith” were used at the same time by various media institutions . It is to be noted that Australian cricket coach Darren Lehmann resigned after ball tampering scandal .

“Speaking to the players and saying goodbye, telling them the news. That was the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do,” Lehmann said while talking to media on Sydney Airport.

Several leading cricket figures criticized the bans and the players’ union has now queried the “severity and proportionality” of the punishments . Australian Cricket Association spokesperson said that sanctioning such severe mistakes is right and should be awarded to the culprits in a fair and proper way . National game which is loved by all must always demonstrate standards consistent with regulations and spirit of cricket .

ACA has said that the guilty trio will receive legal and welfare support ,while Cricket Australia insists that it will offer support to Smith , Warner and Bancroft .

Caught red-handed , Australian cricket team is just facing some initial fall-out effects .

On one hand during all these hard times the team is getting support from the cricketing world but on other critics won’t stop captioning their views in upcoming days .

Remarks like “Cry Baby” sound harsh to some but not to all . After all , what you do is what you get !

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